Why Your Travel Business Needs Only TRAVCRM?

Posted on : 17-11-2021

TRAVCRM is providing  you everything on a single platform that is award winning cloud-based CRM and helping travel companies to automate all sales, operations  and manage your travel business very easily anytime from anywhere. DeBox also create dynamic  Website for your travel business that is inimitable, attractive and user-friendly with integrated CMS so you can update your packages and other contents without taking help of IT department. Now you can update your master and create query, quotations and proposal in two mins and manage your all work efficiently with our TRAVCRM module and track your business performance though multiple dashboard and  reports that are generated through TRAVCRM.

Why your travel business needs only TRAVCRM?

As a travel business, every travel company want to give a happy and best holiday packages to their clients . Travel companies  require managing and completing business cycle so they can fulfil the requirements or demands of their clients in one go. TRAVCRM software lets you organize and make more efficient the complete process through a single platform.

While travel industry is a one of the  fast-growing industry now-a-days but we can’t denied that there are many challenges such as rise of travel business and the changing the expectations of clients, you must build a trustworthy online presence on digital space, to keep update your travel business by using technology. TRAVCRM Best Travel CRM allows you to increase your sales &marketing activities, response  and produce number of clients booking.


Features of TRAVCRM Travel CRM


Client Management

TRAVCRM, you can upload all information about your agents, suppliers and clients through EXCEL which is helping in deal closure  faster, connect in contextual conversations and increase your sales & revenue. It is the best travel CRM. In your travel business you have to require the best tool that can capture the complete information about your agents, supplier and clients with context, their history of communication and keep you updated about insights, notes, appointments and birthday and anniversary reminders.

Quotation and Proposal Generation

Go with our highly advanced TRAVCRM, the best travel CRM that is developed after getting complete understanding of the needs of travel companies, which help them to manage all travel processes according to their needs TRAVCRM gives you the most advanced travel management solution in the tour and travel business.

Fixed Departure, Series and  Package Creation

In TRAVCRM,   you can create fixed departure packages for multiple date option.  At the time of creation of Fixed departure you can check, Hotel availability, universal mark-up, or can upload proposal image, or check information about itinerary, guide.,  Package builder gives you advanced features like package creation, reservations, package quotation and amendments .This advance module helps travel companies and tour operators to increase their revenues.


Proposals Management

With TRAVCRM – Travel CRM, Proposals Management module is giving flexibility to create and design branded proposals in multiple formats such as PDF,Word and web views  for clients which looks more attractive. In proposal t module gives you the advanced features that can helps you in your business sales. With the help of this module, your travel business increase sales efficiency and automate their contract creation process and their proposals. Cost Sheet of all quotation will be generated in detailed information, user can export tour cost to excel with multi-currency also user add supplement cost and do mark-up calculation


Best Travel CRM

 Automate daily tasks to increase efficiency of your staff

Auto creation of To Do List and Task Reminders

 Provide personalized experiences to your clients

 Analyse trends and make smart and best decisions

TRAVCRM  is an Award-Winning CRM which is specifically designed for travel companies and running successfully in more than 8 countries. TRAVCRM is designed in considering to address the current challenges faced by companies and would like to automate their business processes. It is designed in such a way that different stakeholders of the travel industry can utilize the advance functionalities offered by TRAVCRM in an effective and efficient manner to reduce their recurring cost of managing their business operations. It comprises of various features aimed to address all the requirements of travel agencies.  E.g. Query builder, Quotation and proposal generation, invoice and voucher creation, keeping track queries status and their Conversion Ratio. It is no doubt that having  TRAVCRM is one of the most effective strategies that will help you manage your travel arrangements in a way that not all other players can. You will be able to maintain your data through a single software and control all your business activities efficiently. As currently everyone is looking to reduce their additional expenses, whether you have  just started your travel business  or one of the top player in the travel industry, everyone should consider the TRAVCRM - Best Travel CRM .

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