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Posted on : 25-06-2021

From the title of this article you would have already known that in this blog you will get to know the best type of CRM between inbound and outbound, but let me tell you that I am going to compare these two marketing techniques, and then it will be your final decision to either choose one of them or both.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which helps the agencies to know their clients in a better way. The primary functions of CRM software are managing sales, responding to customers, keep follow up, invoice generation, and many more. All these functions are very essential for your business. There are different types of CRM systems, each software is built to perform certain types of tasks and programs. You can also build customizable CRM software which suits your business requirements.

Now, there are two models of CRM software- Inbound software and outbound software.

Inbound CRM software

Software like this was primarily built to help organizations make capital out of incoming traffic and the leads generated from that traffic. This lead then goes to the sales department after which they take the help of the CRM to convert this lead into a project. This system makes it easier for the sales team to manage all the leads in just one place, furthermore, they can even track follow-up on every customer for a better relationship with the client.

Advantages of inbound CRM

There is always a tailored plan which will make clear the aim of the sales team on how to reach a customer and there are very more chance to convert lead into a project with inbound marketing.

You do not have to waste your time on finding leads as your sales team will only work on the incoming traffic of the clients. This traffic can come through your website, ads, social media, and many more.

Inbound CRM will tell how to create content that will attract the audience to your website. Various tools are present for development, testing, analysis, and many more.

Outbound CRM software

Outbound CRM software works as an announcement box that will convey your message to the desired audience which will be then converted into the project. You can select what type of tool you want to use with your CRM according to your needs, you can transfer the message with the help of emails, phone calls, and many more. The function of all these tools is to help you to boost your outbound program.

 Advantages of Outbound CRM

Outbound CRM software consists of call automation which will help you to repeat a call more than once a day. This will help you in reaching the customer more effectively.

This software allows you to observe sale representative calls, automated voicemails, call recording, local caller ID, and more.

Email and SMS functions are also available in this system which will aid in keeping touch with your clients to give them information about your services.

The productive logging feature will solve your many types of problems like how to keep follow up with the response of a particular client and it also keeps a record of the previous improvement with that client.

The above definitions and advantages make the aim of both CRM software very clear. Now, you have to select the best CRM software for your business. You can check the website of De BoX Global to develop CRM software of your own choice. 


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