Best Apparel Business Management and ERP Software Solution By Debox Global

Posted on : 16-09-2021

Earlier, ERP systems were normally seen to be straight-ahead industrial manufacturing tools; largely oriented to the indexing and database of particular resource elements such as raw materials, individual products, or the  people management.

However, over time, the beginning of other modules to extend ERP base systems, either through the integration of formerly stand-alone systems, or purpose-built modules that actively pushed and pulled data throughout a common platform. While that progression should have been expected, what wasn’t essentially expected was the enhancement of basic ERP processes in order to support highly-distinct market types, such as the fashion, garment or apparel segment.

Apparel CRM OR ERP software assists apparel industry to automate their entire process which is starting from planning till manufacturing process. Apparel ERP solution merchandise may also provide elements such as customization, product display, profit from order fulfilment, and stock management and planning, among others. Some more options additionally assist control the manufacturing process.

DeBox’s Provide Best Apparel ERP has the built-in ability to address the fundamental requirements of all management, planning, design and product development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, sales functions and much more. With end-to-end capabilities, Apparel ERP enables customer lifestyle products enterprises to manage critical business transactions and concept-to-consumer processes to improve speed to market, gain greater process visibility and control, increase  growth, productivity and operative efficiency, decrease costs and enhance competitiveness.

Apparel ERP is a complete product for Product Lifecycle Management and ERP solution built precisely for the garment  industry. Manage your entire processes from design to distribution assertively with complete visibility of your orders - driving sales and reducing wastage. Apparel ERP Features - Style Costing: This  feature exactly forecasts material requirements of both local and imported materials, as well as manufactured garments. Forecasts include the FOB cost, duty, shipping, and packing costs to exactly calculate the full garment price. Materials purchasing: Apparel ERP’s material purchasing module allows you to promptly identify the fabric and trimmings needed for an individual style or to consolidate orders for multiple styles using the same components. The inventory management module confirms that every item of inventory is accounted for. Surplus inventory can be flagged to be sold or stored for future orders. - Mobile dashboards: Using, windows or android app, Apparel ERP mobile grants you access to business critical dashboards; these give you a helicopter view of your business and key performance indicators of each department. - Business intelligence (BI): Over 50 + reports provide a complete overview of your best business practices, with the ability to seamlessly export reports to Microsoft Excel.

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