How travel agents and tour operators may handle their leads and prospects more effectively with the use of TRAVCRM

Posted on : 31-01-2024

What is CRM software?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Essentially, an effective travel CRM software should give you a platform to observe and track your customer interactions and relationships, assemble and store customer information, create a profile of your customers, and analyze and manage the data.


What is Travel CRM Software?

Best travel CRM or Customer relationship management, is a software that assists travel agencies, tour operators, destination management companies (DMC), activity operators, hotels, and other travel-related businesses in building strong client relationships and increasing sales and customer retention through meaningful conversations with potential clients.


How can I manage my leads and prospects with the support of the DeBox Global Travel CRM software?


We could write a lengthy essay on why a travel CRM is essential for any travel company, but we've attempted to simplify it into three easy categories.



1. Listing your leads and gathering information

The more data you can gather and retain, the more prepared you will be to handle your lead today and the more information you will get when you go back and analyze the data you obtained. Information is essential to being able to deliver the finest service possible.

Beginning with keeping track of each lead you receive, you should build a central database of each prospect that contains all the information you find by recording the source of your inquiries and gathering details about your prospects' needs.


You may gather and enter data to create thorough customer profiles using the considerable customer and passenger area of the DeBox Global TRAVCRM for  tour operators. Keep track of critical paperwork, enter dietary and medical needs, add preferences, designate passenger categories, and much more.


2. Maintaining Contact with Leads

Make sure you never lose or throw away a lead by managing leads well. You must monitor and record your customer interactions if you want to keep on top of your leads. View every request for a quote that has been received, booked, and confirmed. Keep tabs on your customer interactions, understand what's in your sales funnel, and know when and how to follow up with prospects.


You can examine and report on every inquiry, quotation, and booking status with the travel CRM software’s document history and email centralization, which provide you with a complete communication trail. Our custom sales pipeline builder also lets you design your pipeline phases.

You won't miss a beat with the introduction of our task management, an amazing dashboard that shows off all you've done, automated inquiry follow-up.


3. Utilize the data to transform it into knowledge and opportunities.

Utilize the prospect and customer profiles you have created to help with the customer journey by getting to know your clients. On a bigger scale, you may analyze your company operations and make informed decisions with the help of the data you have collected. There are so many important factors you can learn from that will influence who to target, what products to promote, and when to promote them. Some examples of these include the number of each type of inquiry you receive, the demographic of your prospects and clients, the type of inquiries or demographic with the highest conversion rate, and conversion rates based on when contact is made.


Wrapping up

We've included capabilities in our DeBox Global TRAVCRM software to help with data gathering, view, track, and report on customer contact and outcomes. We've also included custom tag management to help you organize your data and automated tools to help you stay on top of all your leads. You can stop utilizing several systems to obtain information when you use TRAVCRM since everything you need is in one location, including complete lead inquiry, quotation, and booking history, as well as prospect and customer details.

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