Enhancing Student Employability by
Connecting with MENTORS from the Industry
VECOSPACE is a educational service oriented solution designed to bring students from across the university together who have been a part of the most prestigious educational setup known not just for its ever-evolving infrastructure but also its contribution towards development of our society.
Enhancing Student Employability
Chossing Mentors from the industry becomes Easy
University Eco-Space with all stake Holders on the platform
Company Pages to Invite Interns and Share Job Openings
Alumni's Contribution to their Alma Mater as Guest Speakers, Trainers and Mentors
Digital Knowledge Huh to keen Students aware about the Latest Developments
Latest Updates about the incoming Events. Seminars and Conferences in the University

VECOSPACE features Any individual with specialised knowledge in any academics field can register as a Mentor

VECOSPACE features Users registered as Mentor will have an individual public profile page

VECOSPACE features Mentors will be able to receive Mentees requests

VECOSPACE features Mentors can accept and reject request


VECOSPACE features Once a user is logged in his/her account at JMI VECOSPACE

VECOSPACE features UA profile page opens as an account overview

VECOSPACE features User clicks on finding your mentor

VECOSPACE features List of available mentors open up

VECOSPACE features Students can select a mentor to seek guidance from, by clicking Select

VECOSPACE features Once a mentor is selected, the choice cannot be amended again


VECOSPACE features Our mentors will give you expert level guidance with a thorough understanding of a subject or topic

VECOSPACE features Mentors can guide their mentees through chat regarding an academic need

VECOSPACE features Students can post their queries and mentors will address them effectively

VECOSPACE features The conversations between Mentor and Mentee need to be strict of academic nature


VECOSPACE features The student profile page with show the mentor's profile thumbnail when online to chat

VECOSPACE features The mentor will be able to chat with their mentees regarding any academic or professional requirement

VECOSPACE features In case any mentee is not able to improve oneself or perform the tasks timely: The mentor can remove the mentee from his mentee list

VECOSPACE features To remove a mentee a specific reason must be specified and click Yes else the entries cannot be removed


VECOSPACE features Articles Page is a properly thought out and newly developed concept which will help students studying in various departments publish articles

VECOSPACE features On this page, the students will receive a strong response within the university

VECOSPACE features Students studying in different departments are here to provide the best possible refined information in an effective manner and develop some concrete solutions


VECOSPACE features This page will show a list of yearly events which will be organized within the campus

VECOSPACE features Various departments will organize individual festivals to engage students in interesting activities with an academic perspective

VECOSPACE features Departmental Festivals will allow students to participate as per choice and interest


VECOSPACE features Projects and Internships will help students develop a project based on a subject or look for internship opportunities

VECOSPACE features All the important information will be available always on a simple click

VECOSPACE features Projects and Internships will create a new approach to professional training in accordance with academics


VECOSPACE features Searching for Job opportunities through VECOSPACE is a first in its own setup to redesign the way job market shall be looked upon

VECOSPACE features Using this feature of VECOSPACE students will have ample opportunities to look for a job position and offer available on the portal

VECOSPACE features Categories for various job profiles will help the students look for job vacancies based on the field of interest they have

VECOSPACE features Various Alumni members / Industry recruiters can also become an active member on the portal and share the company requirements if any need arises


VECOSPACE features Various Industry professionals and representatives will be given an invitation to Guest lectures at the University

VECOSPACE features Students can attend these lectures for additional insight about a specific career field

VECOSPACE features It will help students establish professional contact with industry representatives

VECOSPACE features Attending these lectures will help students develop a global approach to understand the changes taking place every day


VECOSPACE features Company Pages work as a virtual introduction to the Company based on Background, Vision, Mission Team Members, and Value system

VECOSPACE features Here individual companies will develop a company profile which shows a brief description of the organization along with a list of various products and services

VECOSPACE features An admin user can regularly add updates on the Company Profile as per any change

VECOSPACE features Users will be able to filter their choice for a company and contact the specific organization if an Internship opportunity or Job offer is in play


VECOSPACE features VECOSPACE will provide interactive sessions with Career Enhancing experts

VECOSPACE features Specialized courses based on Skills Enhancement and Professional development will be offered

VECOSPACE features Skills Enhancement Courses will help to Change or grow your position and to refresh your skills; Learn new skills to increase or modify your field of specialization

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