Incentives and Loyalty Rewards Management System
Sales Track is a unique concept through which users will have access to a seamless flow of information on Sales numbers and orders. This feature of Sales Tracking will provide good visibility on achievement of primary and secondary numbers. An easy to understand and fun to operate user interface will create easy accessibility between the senior managers and the Top management. The main purpose of this feature Sales Tracking is to show an organ-ized flow of information for Orders, Display, Complaints and others.
  • Senior Management
  • Distributors
  • Front end Sales team
  • Retailers and Direct Dealers
This feature will allow to raise alerts whenever the desired parameters regarding the targets, orders and productivity numbers are not being met.

 User-friendly interface

 Fast access to multiple features

 Complete overview of the Loyalty Program

 A single window with multiple functionalities

Sales Person

 Quick overview of Salesperson's daily efforts

 Easy Searching for Salesperson's Information

 Adding of New Salespersons instantly

 Generation of Salesperson Reports with a single click

Coupon Management

 Quick overview on Coupons on a Single Page

 Easy Searching for a specific coupon

 Generate Coupon Code and Export instantly

 Efficient Management of Coupons based on Unique Name,Category,Validity etc


 Sales person can be assigned different promotion schemes. Certain amount of points show the eligibility of earning a reward

 This feature will work as a effective tool for keeping the team morale high ensuring more efforts towards Sales/earning Business

 Schemes can be monitored effectively by using two types of Status - Active and Inactive


 Products on offer are designated categories for faster identification

 Easy Searching for a specific category and their products

 Add New Categories with just one click

 Define a Status as Active or Inactive for effective

User Management

 Quick overview of multiple users

 Controlled Management of users to keep away wrongful activities

 Add New Users promptly

 Define a Status as Active or Inactive for effective

Sales Person Report

 A complete overview on Salesperson is accessible easily

 Exporting of Salesperson Reports in a predefined format

 Reports will show a brief setup of Salesperson efforts based on Achieved Targets and Achieved Points


 SMS will help Salesperson stay in touch with clients

 Option of selecting multiple Salesperson/ Users with Contact Numbers

 Free Text for drafting a Message

 Click Send SMS for reaching the desired audience


 Email will help Salesperson stay in touch with multiple clients

 Option of selecting multiple Salesperson/ Users with Contact Numbers

 Free Text for drafting an Email Message

 Click Send Mail for reaching out to a wide range of clients


 A complete list of Rewards updated regularly

 Easy Searching for a specific Reward

 Instant Adding of New Rewards

 Deletion of Entries takes place promptly

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