SALES CONNECT let's you manage the way your business is run width intelligent reporting that breaks down key metrics relating to your sales trends market orders, party targets, pjp & more.
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Travel CRM features  Product Group Wise Sale.

Travel CRM features Brand wise total Sale.

Travel CRM features State wise total Sale.

Travel CRM features Chanel wise total Sale.

Travel CRM features Month wise total Sale performance- Compared to Last year.

Travel CRM features  A Complete Snap view of your organization Productive growth.

Sales Connect Alert regularly send the notification to parties for any information.

Information For Parties :

Travel CRM features Cash Discount (CD) Alerts

Travel CRM features Payment Outstanding Alerts

Travel CRM features Party Inventory Level Alerts

Travel CRM features Scheme Upgrade Alerts


Travel CRM features I don't get regular timely updates. And information is not handy at one place.

Travel CRM features Now get relevant updates is SALES CONNECT in BROADCAST section as and when they are announced by the company.And they are always in your mobile for quick access.These updates can be about new schemes,new launches,new TVC, Ad campaign,etc


Travel CRM features Sometimes I lost the data of my parties due to keep record on different- different files. So it create the problem in connecting with the parties for pass-on any information.

Travel CRM features Sales Connect provide the solution to Keep record of parties at one place either it is active or Inactive.


Travel CRM features Usually we miss the contact information of our parties contact person detail because it is not one handy so that we miss the greet him on a special day and pass-on any useful information

Travel CRM features Sales Connect Keep the information of party's contact person and remind you for greet him on a special date.(anniversary wishes,Birthday wishes....etc.)


Travel CRM features Productive Growth of any organization is depend on the working of Front Line sales Team.

Travel CRM features But at the end of month we see that sales team has under achieved their pre-decided target's revenue is not grooming up due to not dedicatedly working by sales team.

Travel CRM features Sales connect provide the solution of this basic will provide you the location wise Real time information of your sales team's activities in the market.


Travel CRM features Sometime fields executives are not clear where they need to go in the market for activity. Due to this they lost the company's Productive orders.

Travel CRM features Sales Connect PJP tells the Sales Team what will the beat plan for next day. Its Increase the working hours of Sales Team andproductive order of the company.


Travel CRM features My Orders are sometimes not clearly communicated and I'm not sure of serviceable quantities.

Travel CRM features MY ORDERS in SALES CONNECT allows you to place orders to company and know about your serviceable quantities.


Travel CRM features Branding of a product is very necessary step for Retailer's sales growth and company's sales growth.

Travel CRM features But due to lack of communication with the retailer we lost this opportunity.

Travel CRM features Sales connect gives the opportunity to connect with retailer directly for any display related communication.


Travel CRM features Sometimes issues raised are lost and we don't know whom to approach.

Travel CRM features COMPLAINTS MODULE in SALES CONNECT will allow you to raise a complaint, track its resolution and then close it by giving your rating


Travel CRM features Sometimes Parties have not idea that how much quantity they need to sell of a particular product in a particular time period for outstanding award or scheme announce by the company.

Travel CRM features Sales connect tells the parties their Target and update them regularly for their target achievement.

Travel CRM features Sales connect Regular remind the Sales executive that what is his sales Target and regularly update him that how much he achieved and how much more he need to achieve in Particular time period.

Travel CRM features I don't have an idea how am I doing against Last Year and Target

Travel CRM features SALES REPORT in SALES CONNECT shows me MTD, YTD Sales against Target and against Last Year.


Travel CRM features Calculate the weightage of each executive is not an easy task manually. And I am not clear that what is actual performance of the particular executive.

Travel CRM features Score Report in sales connect represents the Executive wise weightage through his Target vs achievement, average market working hour, Average order per day and retail productivity.


Travel CRM features I don't have an idea how am I doing against Last Year and Target.

Travel CRM features SALES REPORT in SALES CONNECT shows me MTD, YTD Sales against Target and against Last Year

Travel CRM features I don't have an idea how am I doing against Last Year and Target.
Travel CRM features SALES REPORT in SALES CONNECT shows me MTD, YTD Sales against Target and against Last Year.

Travel CRM features Some time I have not idea that how much inventories are available in my Warehouse of particular product. and how much need more.

Travel CRM features Company Inventory Report in Sales Connect represents the warehouse wise and product wise inventory level of the company

Travel CRM features It shows the color wise representation of inventory level.

Employees Performance Report in Sales Connect tells each executive performance through:

Travel CRM features Total Days in Office/Month               

Travel CRM features Average Market working Hour/Day  

Travel CRM features Retail productivity                  

Travel CRM features Average orders/Day

Travel CRM features Total working hours/day

Travel CRM features Total days at distributor/month

Travel CRM features Market Working Days/Month

Travel CRM features Late day Start/Month

Travel CRM features New dealer added/month

Travel CRM features Number of retailers visited/day


Travel CRM features Sales connect provide the service to Parties that can place the order to company directly.

Travel CRM features Order to company report show that how much orders are placed

Travel CRM features Party Performance Report in sales connect shows that how much total orders ( Primary order + Secondary order) generated by each individual party to company. And how much revenue generated by the each individual party.

Travel CRM features My Market Order Report in Sales Connect shows the item wise order given by the each parties to company's executive on a particular date..

Travel CRM features Its shows the revenue generated by each parties in value and


Travel CRM features Scheme Performance Report in sales connect shows Slab wise scheme for particular Items in a specific time period.

Travel CRM features It also regularly send the notification that how much more inventory