SALES CONNECT let's you manage the way your business is run width intelligent reporting that breaks down key metrics relating to your sales trends market orders, party targets, pjp & more.
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Web Application and mobile application

Travel CRM featuresLogin Credentials for every individual User.

Travel CRM featuresFor security purpose get an OTP on your mobile number or email-id


Sales Connect Dashboard


Travel CRM featuresToday’s / Yesterday’s Sales

Travel CRM featuresTo Do List of Each Sales Person

Travel CRM featuresSales & Gross Margin

Travel CRM featuresMonth wise Sales

Travel CRM featuresTop 5 Sales Item Categories

Travel CRM featuresTop 5 Parties

Travel CRM featuresMonth wise Sales Graph

A Complete Snap view of your organization Productive growth.


Sales Connect Alert regularly send the notification to parties for any information.

Information For Parties :

Travel CRM featuresCash Discount (CD) Alerts

Travel CRM featuresPayment Outstanding Alerts

Travel CRM featuresParty Inventory Level Alerts

Travel CRM featuresScheme Upgrade Alerts


I don’t get regular timely updates. And my information is not handy at one place.

Now get relevant updates in

SALES CONNECT in BROADCAST section as and when they are announced by the company. And they are always in your mobile for quick access. These updates can be about new schemes, new launches, new TVC, Ad campaign, etc.


Sometimes I lost the data of my parties due to keep record on different- different files. So it create the problem in connecting with the parties for pass-on any information.

Sales Connect provide the solution to Keep record of parties at one place either it is active or Inactive.


Usually we miss the contact information of our parties contact person detail because it is not one handy so that  we miss the greet him on a special day and pass-on any useful information

Sales Connect Keep the Information of party’s contact person and remind you for greet him on a special date. (anniversary wishes, Birthday wishes…etc )