Best Travel CRM

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An Award Winning CRM Best Travel CRM Software, Best Travel CRM Application, Travel CRM Solution, Travel CRM Demo, CRM for Travel Agency, Travel Software & Hotel Reservation Software Development Company, (best travel CRM) helping Travel Industry to manage their complete operations starting from Query Management, Quotation, Voucher and Invoicing

 Monthly/Today's Query Summary

 Status wise Query Report

 Monthly Sales and Gross Margin

 List of Top 5 FTO

 Destination information: Top Destination wise Chart

 Alert: Query TAT and Follow-ups

 To Do List:Add/assign tasks, Set priority

FTO/Corporate Management

 Ability to add FTO/Corporate

 Ability to edit / delete existing FTO/Corporate

  Ability to define Agent/Corporate Category

 Ability to define Multiple Contact Details, Address, Bank Account information etc

 Ability to upload bussiness agreements specially for Corporate

B2C Management

 Ability to Add New B2C Contact

  Ability to edit / delete existing B2C

 Ability to define Multiple Contact Details, Address, Bank Account information etc

 Ability to enter social media links e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Supplier Management

 Ability to add Supplier

 Ability to edit / delete existing Supplier

 Ability to add multiple type Suppliers e.g Hotelier, Sightseeing and Transporter

 Ability to define Multiple Contact Details and Address, Bank Account information etc

 Ability to upload Business Agreement

Query Tracker

 Online Tracking of All queries

 Auto Querry ID Generated Querry id

 Auto Email Notification for better monitoring

 Querry can be assigned to destination Expert

 Define priority High, Medium and Low of each query

 TAT (Turn around time) can be defined against each querry

Quotation Builder

 Auto creation of day wise itinerary

 Need option to add services such a Hotel, Activities, Entrance, Guide, Travel Mode etc

 Add option to Enroute Activity

 Making arrangement of Early Arrivals

 Auto Suggest itinerary Titles and Description

 Option to define Markup and Service Tax

Package Builder

 Ability to Create Multi Destination Packages

 Ability to Create Detailed itinerary

 Ability to Enter Hotel, Sightseeing and Transfer information

 Ability to Enter Pricing in any Currency

 Option to upload Multiple Images

 Enter Hotel, Sightseeing and Transfer information


 Description wise Report

 Quotation Reports

 Customer Report

 Client Pending Payment Report


 Option to upload complete hotel information with rate sheet

 Option to upload Transportaion Cost

 Option to upload complete information of Eterance with ticket cost

 Option to upload complete information of Activities with ticket cost

 Option to upload complete information guide charge

 Option to create Flight master

Payment Request

 Supplier Payment Requisition generation

 Payment Reminder for supplier and clients

 Payment Type Full Payment | Partial Payment | On Credit

 Supplier wise Payment updation with attachment

 Cost to Client and Cost to Conmpany Data

 Payment scheduale with multiple combination

 Auto Payment Receipt

Invoice Generation

 Performa & Tax Invoice Generation

 Different Types of Taxes can be Defined

 Auto Capturing of Booking Details

 Corporate Invoice Payment Tracking

 Print I Email I Download Options Available

Document Management

 Easy and Quick Document Retrival

 Various type of document can be uploaded

 Emailer, Templates, Brochures can be stored in repository

 No more Email Search to find any document

 Any information can View/Download and Send

  Document can be attachment with querry

Complaint Management

 User can be lodge any complaint, highlighted by Agent / Client

 Option to change Complain Status

 Remarks Column is available for furthur Analysis

 Based on services, Supplier rating can be define

Having best travel CRM software has become important regardless of travel business is a small or a big one, the industry is rapidly booming. This brisk upsurge in the industry brings along with it a wave of advancements and modifications in several aspects. Talking more of the travel industry, it is currently one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy. It is now a big-time to plunge into a best travel CRM.
The wonderful growing figures of tourists in the country would sound fascinating and promising for growth and profitability. However, a travel business would not leverage the complete potential of this opportunity without the best travel CRM application. Travel business can avail enough features are benefits of the best Travel CRM for Travel Agency which is discussed below.
1. Time Management and Optimization
With the best travel CRM, one can ensure the proper time optimization of different business functions. Moreover, the plethora of exceptional functionalities assists the users to optimize their time depending on the tasks. To-do list, mobile CRM and automated reports can be relied upon as the finest travel CRM features for time optimization purposes.
2. Single Database Platform
The best Travel CRM for Travel Agency equips you to manage all the business information and database in a single platform. While it eliminates your need for having separate softwares for a different set of information and business functions, a travel CRM allows information tracking related to customer experiences, information, sales interactions and travel itinerary among others.
3. Better Customer Satisfaction
The best travel CRM application would serve as a bridge to lead you to better interaction and communication with the customers. Customer satisfaction is crucial for any travel business to flourish and prosper. A travel CRM would help you understand the customer needs and expectations alongside ensuring the perfect response to the customers in every given situation.
4. Stronger Management
Through the best travel CRM application, you can not only access all information on a single platform but also develop a system of strong management. All the information related to your customers will be available to you at just a click. All this would contribute better business functioning and management.
5. Wider reach and access
The best Travel CRM for Travel Agency is based on a model allowing multiple users and access channels. Moreover, it can be operated anytime and anywhere by a set of designated individuals. A travel CRM would prove to be beneficial for big businesses by allowing them to efficiently manage internal control and coordination.
The travel industry has diverse needs and functionalities, which requires specialized softwares to fulfil. A travel CRM can prove to a one-stop solution to bring all the business functions into a single platform. Therefore, it has become vital for a travel business to employ the best travel CRM application to leverage stronger business performance and profitability. It will improve the business activities smoothly and help your business to face and ace the challenges with utmost efficacy and calibre at all times.