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use it?

Best Apparel ERP is developed specifically for the needs of apparel, leather and fashion accessories companies. Apparel ERPs interconnected modules are flexible, configurable and span the entire manufacturing process, from style development to the shipment of finished garments/ products. With unprecedented domain knowledge in fashion, apparel, footwear & fashion accessories, Apparel ERP software offers specialized end-to-end solutions for different segments of the fashion value chain from Domestic Brands and International Exporters. Apparel ERP is a comprehensive software package that automates every aspect of apparel manufacturing and sourcing businesses, fostering expansion and profitability. To track all business operations from product development, costing, sampling, raw material planning, procurement, quality control, inventory, production planning, up to shipments, invoices, and finance & accounting, Apparel ERP Software was specifically created for the apparel manufacturing and garment industry. Our all-inclusive apparel manufacturing ERP software is designed to provide sector-specific features and assist essential business activities. Your systems and processes are swiftly integrated with Apparel erp. Information may be safely accessed by users using a variety of browsers and devices. Apparel erp gives you flexible deployment options so you can run your company on-premises or in the cloud.

Dashboard for Quick Overview

Stage Bucketing of Each Style

Email Integration enables Style wise Communication

Turnaround Time Calculation for Each Process

Automated Cost Estimation Sheet

Time & Action Tracking & Alerts


to Ship

A complete journey of the style




VECOSPACE featuresVisual Dashboards for different roles making it simple to analyze data

VECOSPACE featuresProcess bucketing of all Styles to know the Birds Eye View across all the factories

VECOSPACE featuresTo Do List of each user based on processes and tasks assigned to the user

VECOSPACE featuresAlso view Dashboard of the team under the user

VECOSPACE featuresCoffee Table Dashboard Report emailed every morning to the Senior Management (Customized





VECOSPACE featuresAdmin / Senior Management can send messages / instructions / notifications to all the users division wise

VECOSPACE featuresMessages can be scheduled to go on a particular date for the defined set of users

VECOSPACE featuresSend product/order related messages directly from within ERP

VECOSPACE featuresMessages can also be sent to an individual user by Admin / Senior Management





VECOSPACE featuresEmail integration with Apparel ERP helps in seamless communication

VECOSPACE featuresIt reduces dependence on email systems like outlook etc.

VECOSPACE featuresAutomatically organizes emails under relevant Styles which makes it easier to have all communication at one place

VECOSPACE featuresStyle wise separate communication tabs for Internal, Buyer, Supplier and Vendor Communication

VECOSPACE featuresCreate Style directly from Buyer’s email and attach Tec pack to the Style automatically





VECOSPACE featuresComplete PD Workflow from Buyer Tec pack to Proto Sample and Style Costing

VECOSPACE featuresThe module includes material, cost and vendor finalization

VECOSPACE featuresApproval Matrix for every process

VECOSPACE featuresTurnaround time tracking for each user compared to standard allocated time

VECOSPACE featuresInternal assignments to purchase team for costing of articles

VECOSPACE featuresSupplier communication templates for easy and fast process

VECOSPACE featuresImport Pattern from third party system and Fabric Consumption analysis by markers

VECOSPACE featuresMultiple versions of Material Cost and Cost Estimate Sheet can be maintained in the ERP





VECOSPACE featuresBuyer Purchase Order import facility in Apparel ERP

VECOSPACE featuresRole & right based viewing of the Buyer Purchase Order in Style

VECOSPACE featuresColor and Size wise quantities of the Style visible to Planning and Merchandizing

VECOSPACE featuresMultiple Destinations Purchase Order

VECOSPACE featuresQuick View to Customers Credit/Outstanding Payments

VECOSPACE featuresShare Product Purchase Orders and Specs online with suppliers in preset templates

VECOSPACE featuresCollaborate with suppliers online and make them part of your Time & Action plan

VECOSPACE featuresSuppliers can directly Input Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs) and upload invoice





VECOSPACE featuresComplete module for Vendor Evaluation for PD/Production Outsourcing

VECOSPACE featuresStyle wise Vendor Communication with pre-defined templates

VECOSPACE featuresOutsourced Vendor Rate Comparison by ERP

VECOSPACE featuresPurchase Order Generation for the finalized Vendors through Predefined templates

FAQ Apparel ERP


1. What is ERP in apparel industry?

Apparel ERP by DeBox Global is a web-based ERP solution designed to help apparel businesses streamline and optimize their operations. It provides a comprehensive set of features to manage the entire apparel supply chain, from design and development to production, inventory, and sales. Continue Reading

2. What is the most widely used ERP?

DeBox Global's apparel ERP is the most widely used ERP in the apparel industry because it is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solution that can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. It is also highly scalable, so it can grow with your business as it expands.Continue Reading

3. Which ERP is most used in India?

Apparel ERP by DeBox Global is the most widely used ERP in India for the reasons like, Localization, Excellent customer support DeBox Global's apparel ERP software is also known for its comprehensive features, ease of use, and scalability. This makes it a great option for Indian apparel businesses of all sizes.Continue Reading

5. What is Apparel ERP Software??

Apparel ERP software is a comprehensive business management solution that helps apparel businesses of all sizes streamline and optimize their operations. It provides a centralized platform to manage all aspects of the apparel supply chain, from design and development to production, inventory, and sales.Continue Reading

6. Is Apparel ERP Software by DeBox Global easy to use?

Yes, Apparel ERP Software by DeBox Global is designed to be easy to use, even for users with no prior ERP experience. The software has a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. Continue Reading

8. Is Apparel ERP Software by DeBox Global cloud-based?

Yes, Apparel ERP Software by DeBox Global is cloud-based. This means that businesses can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it a great option for businesses with multiple locations and/or employees who work remotely. Continue Reading