Best CRM for the tourism and leisure industry

Posted on : 11-12-2021

TRAVCRM solutions cover all the aspects of Customer Relationship Management which includes Sales, Operation, Finance other key modules.

Capturing Client preferences

A key competitive edge is being able to capture the customer’s preferences about their meal, accommodation, special assistance so while making booking for them, you can take care about these preferences and inform to your suppliers about it so you can offer the right product at the right moment.With a CRM solution for travel business, you can capitalise on the customer information you have accumulated to carry out personalised, targeted marketing plan for your business

Address client’s complaints efficiently

Addressing  your agents & customer requests efficiently is absolutely crucial in the travel industry. A unhappy agent or customer can make you lose ten more as in every business feedback matter a lot, even though any number of complaints can be handled easily through TRAVCRM. TRAVCRM will not only help you understand more attentively to the needs of your customers, but also help you to address it as complaints will directly assigned to respective operation person so your staff can give take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Enhancing the customer journey

TRAVCRM allow you to capture the complete customer journey starting from capturing queries from website, email or option to enter the query directly from TRAVCRM. You can generate query, quotation, proposal and able to do multiple amendments in proposals. You can generate voucher and invoice.

Automatic creation of To Do List and Notifications

With the solution’s automation features, some tasks can be automated created and user can assign the respective tasks for themselves and other team members. Each task will be automatically show in To Do List with auto reminders and auto notifications.

Similarly, when any tasks needs urgent action, TRAVCRM trigger an automatic appropriate alert. This will considerably improve the service the company provides to its customers. Of course, a satisfied customer becomes a loyal customer.

Master Management

Travel companies need a comprehensive travel CRM to manage their master so they can upload their rate sheets of different services like hotel, sightseeing,  transfer, guide and other services. This master management feature give them edge to fetch the required cost at the time of quotation creation. Having master data information reduce the query response time. They can easily select the options from master sheet and generate quotation in few clicks.

Quotation Builder

Generally agent or client need multiple options before finalization their tours hence TRAVCRM give flexibility to create multiple options to create quotation with different components and allow create quotation in different currency and languages. Pre-defined email templates allow users to respond quickly by selecting required template from it.

User Management

TRAVCRM allow travel companies to create their organization hierarch, also you can create department wise profiles to allow required menu options and its also allow to create email templates. User creation option allow travel companies to create users with defining their department, reporting manager, language known and much more information can be capured.

In addition this multiple dashboards such as CXO dashboard, Sales dashboard, Operation dashboard and finance dashboard give the required glimpse to senior management.


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