What is difference between marketing and digital marketing.

Posted on : 02-07-2020

Marketing and digital marketing

Marketing plays a very crucial role in the success of any organisation.Many people think of marketing as just advertising and selling ,but it is vital to understand that marketing is more than these two terms .Marketing can be defined the creative management function which promotes trade and employment by assessing consumer needs .It also initiates research and development to meet them. It not only co-ordinates the resources of production and distribution of goods and services, but also determines and directs the nature and scale of the total efforts required to sale maximum production to the ultimate user.

Traditional marketing is conventional mode of marketing that helps to reach out to a few targeted audience with various offline advertising and promotional methods.The most common and tried traditional offline marketing tactics are print , broadcast ,direct mail ,telephone and outdoor such as billboards and fliers .On the other hand ,digital marketing  promotes products online ,uses effective strategies and targets larger audience .

Traditional marketing is a one way street where a business is able to  provide information to their target audience about its product or service while digital marketing is a two way street marketing ,the customer can form an opinion on the product and use social media to post views on it .

Traditional marketing is dependent on promotional stategies that once executed cannot be updated. For example, a  static text print ad in a local newspaper or a television commercial, will have to place a new ad to replace the old one in case of any change. This might seem like a small factor  ,but has a huge impact in the long run. But digital marketing has an added advantage  , as it can be updated after execution of a task .

The costs in traditional marketing is a huge investment that may or may not give a good return. For example ,  to reach out to people, we need to create and run a new print ad campaign or create and distribute posters or fliers in an area. It’s a one times investment, which is usually high. While ,digital marketing investments are much lesser ,as promotion of products are done using websites and promotion is through social media .

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