Debox Global Travcrm Software for Travel and Tourism agencies.

Posted on : 14-06-2022

Travel CRM, short for Customer Relationship Management, is software that helps travel companies, which include travel agents,  destination management companies (DMCs), event operators, and hotels and so on.Travel CRM Software manages the company's travel business by developing good customer relationships and creating strong sales / retention records. Clients are the backbone of any business and are equally available to travel agents and travel advisors.

With the right technologies, travel agents can do something extra to keep customers happy. Customer retention can be significantly improved with CRM systems for travel agencies.If you are looking for a travel agency CRM system or travel agency software that will take your business to the next level, DeBox Global is the best travel software for managing your entire business online.

Key properties:


Customer Relationship Management is a strategy adopted by an organization to effectively manage and control its customers and suppliers to achieve business efficiency. It deals mainly with the following areas:


Lead Management: Increase sales and manage all leads in one place.


Invoice management: Create, record, invoice unlimited invoices. Specially designed invoices for travel agencies.


Reservation management: The simplest interface for managing reservations from the start date to the travel date. Multi-currency: Our CRM supports Multi-currency, sending invoices in the required currency.


Contact management: Maintain an unlimited number of contacts by category, ie tours, bus, flight, hotel, car


Newsletter and car greetings: Send a personalized newsletter to all your contacts, car birthday wishes and contact anniversaries


Personnel management: Create an unlimited number of customers within CRM, manage users, and assign potential customers.


Itinerary Builder: Create an unlimited itinerary and send an email directly to the customer.


100% cloud: Our CRM is 100% cloud, Travel CRM works securely from anywhere.


Benefits of CRM for travel agencies:

 Travel agency CRM software can help in several ways:

Increase sales and business loyalty levels

Improve the process of engaging customers in a travel agency. Organize and automate the process.

Synchronize marketing and customer service.

Communicate with your customers using relevant and up-to-date service methods

Analyze trends and marketing information for growth

Increase customer satisfaction

Get fast, web-based access to all your business partners and customer data from anywhere with a variety of tools


Wrapping Up: 

DeBox Global Travel CRM is designed with powerful features for the Travel Lead Management System, which can significantly help increase a company's revenue.Our Travel CRM not only provides a Lead Management System, but also focuses on day-to-day sales and personnel activities such as lead management, message tracking, booking, GST invoices, newsletters and Auto Greetings.


At DeBox Global, we provide you with simple solutions for the best Travel CRM software development services that you can use for your online travel.We have a team of specialized CRM professionals who can create your desired Travel CRM software. The CRM solutions we offer ensure the best possible user experience and customer service. We value the growth and success of our customers as ourselves in tourism and in the coming years we will offer the best of our services to our trusted partners and associates.

We will help you deliver Travel CRM software tailored to your business strategy, audience and vision. Contact us for more information :  +91 9910910910



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