What is TRAVCRM ?

Posted on : 13-09-2022


TRVCRM is a cloud-based CRM  which is hosted on the cloud. TRAVCRM can be accessed from anywhere, enabling travel companies to access their same business information at the same time. By offering instant access to real-time insights, TRAVCRM allows you to automate entire processes such as sales, enquiry management, quotation, proposal, voucher etc. and ensuring better service to your clients to increase cleint retention rates.

How TRAVCRM is  Different From Other CRMs ?

TRAVCRM is different in many ways from traditional, on-premises CRMs. These are key differences :

•   Typically traditional on-premises CRM applications are complex in system architecture and usually take long time in installation and  implementation. In other hand, TRAVCRM can be set up  instantly, enabling travel companies to start using most of the features on immediate basis.

•   TRAVCRM  is hosted on one the best service provider versus on-premises CRMs, which are typically hosted at your office on your hardware & software which are prerequisites for doing any installation and managed by your IT department.

•   All Updates, system maintenance and storage related activities of TRAVCRM is done by DeBox Global whereas with an on-premises CRM that is managed by an in-house IT department who is responsible for updates,  system administration, and all customization and maintenance will be done by your CRM service provider.

•   Unlike a traditional CRM, TRAVCRM is easy to use and offers instant access to automate your travel business which includes sales and operation  cycle.

•   TRAVCRM is typically value for money when compared to a traditional CRM where the both initial capital investment can be higher and recurring cost is again needs lots of investment.

•    With traditional CRM application, either you access it only during work hours or you need to use third party remote applications. For which you need to compromise with application speed. However, TRAVCRM allow  your team to access it anytime, anywhere to perform his daily activities

•    Most traditional CRM application are stand-alone systems with less possibility to do integration with third party applications, including mobile applications. On the other hand, TRAVCRM offer  integration with multiple third-party products such as Chatbot, SMS, Payment Gateways and website integration, allowing organizations to seamlessly allowing to perform multiple tasks across multiple departments with ease.

Top Benefits of TRAVCRM

1. Easy and Quick  Implementation

One of the key fear factor with most of travel companies  is that a CRM installation & implementation is a long and complex process, but that’s not a fact when it comes to a TRAVCRM. All you just need is just a good internet. Once you sign up with this award winning CRM, you can start using TRAVCRM within a less than a week time. You don’t have to set up hardware, software licenses, software maintenance, backup,  IT person, IT Infra24×7, or worry about complex installations, data migrations, or even upgrades – this is all dealt with by your cloud-CRM specialist organization.

2. Anywhere & Anytime Access

Unlike traditional on-premises CRM systems that are accessed only from the office during work-hours and inn case you would like to use it after working hours, there is need to provision of it which is need third party application, also need to comprise with speed wherein any time accessibility is the greatest benefit of TRAVCRM. By offering access to the system from anywhere while you are in the office, on your, out of client meeting  or on the way home or trip. TRAVCRM enables various teams to get the required information which they need, ultimately increasing the revenue by improving business process efficiency. From making complex quotation in just two mins,  amending the proposals, sending voucher and invoices, quickly finding the agent, client or supplier number, TRAVCRM offers seamless around-the-clock access to the centralized database of your contacts.

3. Cost-Effective

Traditional CRM applications needs substantial investment which upfront capital expenditures which also need to upgrade on time to time basis but  with TRAVCRM  India's Best Travel CRM runs on cloud  so you have to just pay software setup and license fee. Based on your organization growth, you can increase the licenses so initially you can go with minimal upfront investment, Since SMEs are not likely to allocate big budgets for an enterprise system, they can start automating with their travel business by just paying setup fee.

4. Secure

In your traditional CRM, you experience a hardware/software failure, power failure or other crisis such as man power or IT Infra related issues, in other hand your critical data stored in the cloud system ensures it is backed up and is fully  protected in a secure and safe location. on cloud, you are  able to access your data again quickly allows you to perform business as usual, activity with minimising any downtime and loss of productivity.

5. Third Party Integration

Traditional CRM are stand-alone applications are generally not  flexible for third party integration that is required for multiple purposes and being demanded by clients.. DeBox Global TRAVCRM can be easily integrated with other applications and software, such as E-Mail, Chatbot, SMS and Payment gateway which is required to instant revert and cloure the deals.

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