How TRAVCRM by DeBox Global is helpful for travel companies?

Posted on : 08-01-2024


The world is becoming more digital. Every business is making every effort to move its product and service delivery on the Internet. Companies are eliminating manual labor and putting all of their attention into automation. Software development firms are creating software to assist businesses in decreasing manual labor and safely keeping their data and important information. One type of software that assists in keeping all the data in one location is Best Travel CRM software. Travel agencies can control their suppliers and leads.


What is CRM Software?

Information about clients can be tracked with the use of a CRM system. It facilitates social media connections, offers helpful insights, aids in sales management, and enhances teamwork. Several third-party apps may be integrated with cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, offering infinite scalability.


CRM for Travel Agencies:

We firmly think that a travel-specific CRM system has a number of benefits over a general CRM system. Here are our top three benefits:


Customization for the travel sector: To address the particular requirements of travel agencies and travel agents, a travel-specific CRM was created. Features including itinerary management, destination management, tour management, and group booking management are included.


Integration with tools for the travel business: Reservations software and platforms, such as hotel and airline booking engines, can be integrated with a CRM designed specifically for the travel sector. Travel agencies may use this interface to automate their booking procedures and obtain real-time information.


Designed for DMCs and travelers: A CRM created specifically for the travel sector comes prepackaged for easy setup and configuration, making integration and setup much more straightforward and manageable.


Now, let’s see how TRAVCRM can be helpful for the Travel Companies–

1. Handle any client inquiries: When someone plans a trip, they often have many questions about the different steps involved in the booking process. It is not possible to manually handle all of those questions. Travel CRM Software that can handle all of the customer's inquiries is necessary so that you can just apply the filter and find what you're looking for when you need it. It would have become extremely difficult to look for if paperwork or physical labor had been involved.

2. Utilize a single program to manage all reservations: You may handle all of your bookings with a single set of software by using Best Travel CRM in India. All of your previous reservations may be managed and new reservations made in one location. Separate software is not required for that function. The corporations find it easier to handle all of the reservations in one location and to separate them when needed.

3. Handle booking documents: In one location, you can handle all booking documents, including tickets, invoices, vouchers, and payment receipts. After confirmation of the booking, several associated papers are created. All of those documents are necessary till the trip is over. It would be quite beneficial to have Travel CRM that manages all the papers securely so that you don't become anxious when looking.

4. Handle all accounts payable and receivable: accounts payable is the money you owe the customers, and accounts receivable is the money your customers owe you. You can handle all of your accounts receivable and payable to clients and suppliers with the help of this program. TRAVCRM would make it easier to determine how much remains due and what has to be paid. This allows you to make the most out of your spending management.

5. Handle every client's data in a centralized database: A centralized database is one that is kept up to date and housed in one place. The ability to manage all customer data in a single database is one of the most crucial functions of TRAVCRM. This would assist in keeping the data in one location and searching for the clients using different standards.


TRAVCRM by DeBox Global makes it easier to do market research, analyze client needs, and then customize offerings. It might be challenging to keep track of everyone's requirements, wants, and preferences unless you have a Best travel CRM that is made especially for the travel sector.


Your end users may create and maintain customized reports with ease when you integrate our easy-to-use reporting system into your application.


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