What Is A Travel CRM. Best Travel CRM

Posted on : 15-08-2021

It is hard to run a Travel business as there are a lot of things and processes to handle. Traditional travel agents go with the old ways which are complex and consume a lot of time and if anything goes sideways then you can lose the greatest thing- “your customer's faith”, that is why a lot of travel companies are opting to Travel CRM software. If you are new to this software, this article will tell you everything about this system.

Travel CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it is a tool that helps in maintaining a good relationship with all your customers. It provides a smart and easy way by which travel agents can conveniently interact with their clients. This software is also considered best because it can also do marketing for your business. In short, we can say that this software can keep track of the queries, TAT (response time), and their Conversion Ratio.

Now there is a lot of Travel CRM software available in the market but choosing the one is the hardest part. The selection process can be done by matching your business requirements with the functions of the software. If that software can fulfill all your needs then it will be the best for you. TRAVCRM is one of the most popular Travel CRM software that also serves international clients and is a Comprehensive Travel Management System specifically crafted to automate Inbound Company Operations from beginning to end. Let's see what functions it performs:

1.It provides multiple dashboards to perform various types of tasks such as CXO, Accounts, Sales, and Operations Dashboards. Each of the dashboards has its function. This helps in handling a lot of customers at one time as it makes it easy to find information's regarding a particular topic such as sales, clients, tickets, and many more.

2.An inbuilt Mail Facility is also provided by this software that helps in query-related communication. This ease the problem of going to another mailbox like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. for checking clients query about invoices, tickets, vouchers, and many more.

3.You can also set Fixed Departures in this Travel CRM software.

4.Multiple lists of agents can be build after which you can check availability at the time of series creation.

5.Various types of packages can be created so that customers can choose from these pre-designed packages.

6.Different query categories are available for hotels, meals, vehicles, etc. to reduce the time of quotation.

7.You can also check the rate of a particular hotel, visiting place, vehicle without creating a query.

8.In this software, you can simply create multiple quotations for your clients including tax and discount calculations.

9.You can schedule payment for each query and check the status of all the bookings, the payment received, track outstanding payments, and many more.

10.After creating a quotation, an invoice is generated by the software automatically which shows all the taxes and charges that can be sent to the clients.


The above advantages were just an introduction to Travel CRM software. By reading all the above points you must have known the importance of the best Travel CRM software. If you want to know more about TRAVCRM, then you can connect with the best CRM software development company in India- De Box Global Solutions. 


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