Which CRM is better On Premise OR Cloud Based CRM

Posted on : 04-08-2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global travel industry has seen a major downfall over the last many months. The entire world is working towards overcoming from this critical time which affected much of life. To revive the travel industry, multiple actions are going on which include several vaccination programs, creating awareness about it throughout the globe. However, despite a lot of efforts of concerned authorities, the fate of many travel companies is still up in the air. Though, things are starting to improve quickly. Although international travel services except a few services are remain suspended in many countries. To survive their business, many countries are promoting domestic tourism for their citizens with the hope to revive the industry. However, it’s a good opportunity for travel agencies to rethink their current business processes to do the required reengineering which will help them to compete with the market. Going forward, technology will play a major role as it will help in both ways, first taking benefit of the automation of their process by using Best Travel CRM and other reducing the operational cost.

TRAVCRM is an effective way to manage their entire travel flow on the cloud starting from Email Integration, Quotation Builder, Proposal and multiple reports feature makes it unique from other CRM providers. Best Travel CRM helps travel companies to reach out to their customers, strengthen operation modules; To-Do lists always improve customer services. Best Travel CRM gives them the opportunity to capitalize on their master data in multiple ways including in developing long-term customer relationships and regenerating new business from them.

Why Do We Need CRM for The Travel Industry?

You can say that TRAVCRM is essential for the travel industry to grow its revenue and deliver awesome customer service. All types of travel businesses, whether you are into inbound or outbound business, appreciate the quick response with complete information that should be Professional.   It’s a time of word of mouth for any successful travel company.  Travel companies should have a proper system in place so they can provide hassle-free travel experiences to their clients. TRAVCRM provides a complete system that combines marketing automation, Sales Pipeline, Query Management, and Customer Feedback with everything in one place. TRAVCRM for the travel industry facilitates easy information sharing between clients, agents, and suppliers through direct email integration.

Travel companies are taking time in manual cost calculation and generating proposals. To address this, you can go with TRAVCRM which enables travel agents to impeccably connect with clients, agents and suppliers, and various prospects and assist them with queries, quotations, reservations, and help them in preparing travel itineraries in multiple formats. This is the core functionality of TRAVCRM.  The cost sheet of all quotations will be generated in detailed information, users can export tour costs to excel in any currency.  TRAVCRM enables travel agents to get real-time insights into their business.

Above are key factors that illuminated the significance of TRAVCRM which is specially developed for travel and tourism. Apart from this, other factors make TRAVCRM is an essential tool for businesses operating in the travel industry. We should be ready for the future; TRAVCRM is going to play a vital role in getting travel businesses back on track.Therefore this is the right time to invest in technology for businesses automation.

About Debox Global CRM

De Box is a business process and strategy consulting company that uses technology to deliver major impact and sustainable results by "Thinking out of the box". DeBox has developed industry-specific cloud Based CRM which is helping many organizations to transform their traditional business.

TRAVCRM, Apparel ERP, and Sales CRM are their key products with a global presence. Debox Global CRM is a piece of numerous world's driving brands across various enterprises. For more information, you can write at info@deboxglobal.com.

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