Automation: How it is improving the Travel Industry

Posted on : 27-09-2021

Automation in any business is one of the top trend in the business domain, reducing organization’s manpower expenditure, and resulting in both time and money savings. The travel trade is among in top businesses those are keen in adopting new technologies so that they can significantly take the benefit from the implementation of the technology innovation.

From inbound, outbound to DMC all travel companies are automating their processes. These processes can gradually and systematically reduce unproductive resources and help define and improve the important work steps by creating To Do List. These are just  few examples in which automation could revolutionize the industry.

Simplifying Query Management

In current scenario, clients find the best deals and look for best prices from their using their smartphones, obtaining required information through Google and other search engines. To compete in this situation, travel companies need to quickly adopt to market variation and coherent several conditions, in order to encourage engaging offers and promotions without compromise their profit margins. This can be a time-taking challenge. Other companies’ s charges and offers must be tracked; this entire process can be automated, reducing your business’ response time and increasing offer effectiveness.

Once your potential customers are engaged, many other parameters will influence their decisions; small details in Mobile App or website process flow define if the booking is completed or abandoned.. Post-booking processes, such as verifying if the booking is complying with mandatory information, communication with the client, notifications, and vouchers and invoice can be automated to reduce dedicated resources and avert human error.

Centralization of Information

Scattered information is always an operational risk; if you represent a travel company, either you are into offline or online business, keeping the information pertaining to agents, clients, partners  and supplier these all information should be stored in a common platform . You can obviously lose information, but in many cases, you may fail to deliver a certain service on time and  create duplicates and double-booking, or mix data.

All this information can be very well stored, retrieve and articulated using any BEST TRAVEL CRM, although these points are part of  TRAVCRM. TRAVCRM , typically built and being successfully implemented  in India and aboard. TRAVCRM allow you to manage and access all the important processes in the same place, with real-time update and notifications  alerts. TRAVCRM reduces mistakes and mismanagement of information, thus enhancing efficiency.

Information processed and stored in TRAVCRM can be used to create customer profiles which includes their preferences and help travel companies to improve and customize the service. TRAVCRM can also be used to send instant notifications for defined parameters. Tasks such as supplier payments, agent payment and other tasks can also be automated and triggered by user-defined parameters. All of these and many other possibilities cut the risk of human error and allow you to dedicate your efforts and resources to more important aspects.

Quick Responses

Everyone like faster responses. If any agent or client sends the their inquiry to multiple travel agencies and is expecting various replies to compare prices, it is not certain that the lowest price wins;  response time always play a significant part to play. An important characteristic of TRAVCRM that predefined templates help users to send instant response of these inquiries. This increases the number of engaged clients/agents and overall productivity..

Coordinating and Exploring Customer Data

Allowing agents, partners , Tour managers, guides, and porters to store and access appropriate information concerning clients can make the difference on the service level you which travel companies are offering to their clients. Sharing information data and articulating management systems lets you quickly address any issues that rise.

Predefined algorithms can help you define your client’s profile based on their information. With TRAVCRM, customized suggestion in proposals and itineraries can be made to specific customers, increasing sales closures, and more importantly, improving client satisfaction..


Optimizing Efficiency and Productivity

Automating any business may seem very exciting, but  need not to forget the most important factor: is it cost-efficient? According to other sources, intelligently automating your business’ processes can save between up to 40-75% of your operation costs.

Data mining algorithms, automated reporting tools and data analysis can quickly and accurately go through your daily, repetitive tasks and provide staff with useful and ready-to-use information. This gives them time and availability to step away, look at the overall productivity, and find perfection.


In order to stay in this  competitive market, travel companies must go with automation of their travel businesses. Adopting TRAVCRM for travel business and sector equips you with an unbeatable set of tools, and a greater control over your staff  specially sales & operations . In the travel industry, where information is usually huge and scattered, across countries, you cannot take a  risk  by making mistakes. Automating processes is essential to stay in this competitive world and your terchnology partner  plays a vital role by implementing it.


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