Posted on : 13-05-2021

Application of standard software and technical solutions often fail to cope with the unique challenges of the apparel industry. This might happen even if the same solutions proved to be effective for other industries. Therefore, you need to have the best Apparel ERP to ensure the finest management and functioning of your apparel business.

Apparel ERPs come with an intuitive design with all the business intelligence tools and features to ensure end-to-end solutions and visibility for your business. They are developed after continuous research, innovation, and processes. Also, it simplifies several challenging and complex business tasks. The best apparel ERP is specifically designed keeping in mind the varied and special needs of the apparel industry. The interconnected modules, flexible approach, and configurable channel allow businesses to provide the finest support to businesses.

Businesses often consider that using apparel ERP will be a complex or difficult task. However, once you get used to it, it will do wonders for your business. Also, it is not extremely difficult or impossible to get used to using the best apparel ERP software. Here is how you can use apparel ERP.

With the visual dashboard, you can view and analyze data as well as view the dashboard of a team under the user. With it, you can also process the bucketing of all styles and gain a Bird’s Eye View of the business.

You can send messages, notifications or instructions to all the users. The messages can be scheduled to be sent on a particular date and time as well for all or a set of users. Admin or senior management can also send individual messages through the ER software.

You get a seamless communication channel with email integration you get through the best apparel ERP. It will reduce your dependence on email systems while allowing you to have effective email communication

With the help of a style dashboard, you get complete information under the same screen with filtering and sorting options. You can manage all your approvals from a single screen as well as track the documents during the complete lifecycle.

Exceptional order management is a function you can effectively perform with the help of the best Apparel ERP software. With several filters and features, you can manage quantities, styles, payments, collaborations and more.

Through the vendor outsourcing feature, you get a complete module for vendor evaluation. This allows you to have style-wise vendor communication as well as get outsourced vendor rate comparison.

By using the planning feature, you can plan man-hours, projection reports, material consumption details, allocate materials, and more

You get to integrate inventory, materials, production, and planning with the production module of the best apparel ERP. The reports module allows you to create several reports which your business might require.

The tracking module allows you to track several business processes, functions, and data such as production data, WIP information/ value, orders, schedule, templates, shipment, and more.

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