TRAVCRM-Best Travel CRM Software For Travel Agency By DeBox Global

Posted on : 22-12-2023

TRAVCRM is a cloud-based travel CRM software developed by DeBox Global, specifically designed for the needs of travel agencies, tour operators, and destination management companies (DMCs). It helps travel businesses streamline operations, manage leads and bookings, and ultimately, improve customer relationships and drive sales.


Key features of TRAVCRM include:

Lead Management

Capture leads: Gather leads from various sources like websites, phone calls, and email inquiries.
Lead qualification & scoring: Prioritize leads based on their potential and assign them to the right agents.
Automatic lead nurturing: Automate email campaigns and follow-up sequences to convert leads into customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

360° customer view: Maintain a centralized database with all customer information, including past bookings, preferences, and communication history.
Segmentation & targeting: Group customers based on shared characteristics and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.
Personalized communication: Deliver relevant recommendations, offers, and experiences based on individual preferences.

Itinerary & Package Management:

Drag-and-drop itinerary builder: Design customized itineraries with flights, hotels, activities, and transportation options.
Real-time supplier integrations: Connect with travel providers to book flights, hotels, and activities directly within the software.
Package creation: Build customized packages with different themes, durations, and budgets.
Automated documentation: Generate invoices, vouchers, confirmations, and other travel documents with ease.

Reporting & Analytics:

Sales dashboards: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) like lead conversion rates, booking values, and agent performance.
In-depth reports: Analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.
Customizable reports: Generate reports on specific metrics and dimensions relevant to your business.


Additional Features:

Mobile App: Manage your business on the go and stay connected with your team and customers.
Email marketing tools: Automate email campaigns, send targeted follow-up emails, and nurture leads.
Collaboration tools: Share information and tasks with your team seamlessly.
Multi-currency support: Manage bookings and invoices in different currencies.


Reasons to consider TRAVCRM:

Travel-specific: Designed specifically for the travel industry, with features and workflows tailored to travel agencies, tour operators, and DMCs.
Comprehensive features: Offers a wide range of features across lead management, CRM, itinerary & package management, reporting & analytics, and additional functionalities like mobile app and email marketing.
Cloud-Based: Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling remote work and team collaboration.
Scalable: Suitable for both small and large travel businesses, with flexible pricing plans to accommodate different needs.
Positive user reviews: Generally well-received by users, praising its ease of use, powerful features, and helpful customer support.

Ready to take the next step? DeBox Global offers both  Inbound Travel CRM and Outbound Travel CRM versions of TRAVCRM. Try it out and see how it can transform your travel business!

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