TRAVCRM Mobile Application the user-friendly mobile app that brings travel itineraries to Life

Posted on : 14-12-2021

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 shivered around the world by disrupting people’s lives in indescribable ways. During this pandemic, everyone was thinking how they can battle against this precarious  virus, every organization   was  looking to rebuild and remerge from this crisis.  Among others, the travel & tourism sector are probably the worst affected by this pandemic outbreak’s impact. However now things are looking better from every prospective. Definitely technology will be possibly help in recovery for the travel industry.


Travel Technology  is  playing a crucial  role in  restoring confidence and enable a new era of safe and seamless travel experience in a post-COVID-19 world. Earlier,  it was  that the impact of digital transformation is evident in all sectors, and the travel industry is no exception where technology has disrupted traditional way and completely reinvented the ways to explore traveling.

In current situation, we could witness automation with technologies taking the front seat as part of the optimization process in every section including travel . Even few studies predicts that the combination of  automation with restructuring of operational processes would enable the lowering their operational costs by 30% for the organizations.

Travel companies and manual bookings are now almost obsolete and now travel companies are taking  a different outlook to manage their business.  According to a survey which was to know the mobile application usage in travel segment shows that travel-based mobile applications are used for planning their travel requirements and travel mobile applications are the in top 10 most downloaded category.


“TRAVCRM is a an award winning Best Travel CRM cloud-based CRM which is specifically designed  for travel business and running successfully in more than 8 countries. TRAVCRM is designed in such a way that various stakeholders of the travel industry can utilize the functionalities offered by TRAVCRM in an effective and efficient manner. It comprises various features aimed to address all the requirements of travel companies.  E.g.  Inbuilt Mail, Query, Quotation,  proposal, invoice, voucher generation, and multiple dashboards make it inimitable.


We all know that in the travel business, CXOs are generally travel very frequently so it is difficult or we can say that not viable for them to use their laptops to know their required information. Also, With the increasing pace of technological advancement, consumer expectations also grow. Mobile applications are often a great channel for meeting these expectations. Considering this key point, DeBox has launched CXO Mobile Application as DeBox is known for innovation. Now CXO and other senior management can view the important information on their mobile phone instantly.  CXO Mobile Application has lots of things and features like Its include business dashboard, To-Do List, Multiple Reports which includes user productivity, Movement Chart, Sales figure and much more.


About DeBox Global :

De Box Global is a leading travel technology company and their awarding winning TRAVCRM is running successfully in more than 8 countries ".. They have developed multiple mobile application for travel industries such as CXO Application, Sales Application, TRAVClient Application and Application for Guide, Driver and Tour Manager. These mobile applications are helping travel companies to reduce their operation cost and creating edge on competitors. DeBox has developed industry-specific cloud Based CRM  for travel, apparel, FMCG and IT which is helping many organizations to transform their traditional business




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