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Posted on : 26-11-2021


TRAVCRM (An Award-Winning CRM) is an advanced Travel CRM which is developed to understand current challenges faced by travel industry’s verticals whether it is inbound, outbound, domestic and MICE business. Every business or travel management  needs process automation. TRAVCRM is running successfully in across all major cities in India and also running successfully in more than 8 countries. TRAVCRM is designed in such a way that various stakeholders such as sales, operations, finance and senior management of the travel industry can utilize the desired functionalities offered by TRAVCRM  to make their work easy, reduce manual calculation, creating beautiful itineraries ,customizes reports and much more  in effective and efficient manner. It comprises of various features aimed to address all the requirements of travel companies.  e.g. you can run your complete client journey from TRAVCRM which starts from client on board to query, quotation, proposal, invoice and voucher

Irrespective of whether a small travel company or big travel companies , TRAVCRM software can Increase your business's revenues by increase the efficiency of your staff .

TRAVCRM enables you to empower your staff to provide predefined required information with exactly the same way personal services you’d given to  your clients. Your staff can generate action-by-move processes within TRAVCRM for the whole workforce to stick to – prompting them to notification about their tasks or To Do List or adhere to up on any problems a traveller could have.

Built-in product Master Management, Sales and  operations module and multiple dashboard give ease to their staff to respond any query within few mins. Predefined packages can help user to create any customized itinerary in efficient manner. Managing Fixed Departure for any travel company is big task as during planning to execution multiple services providers are involved but you can manage fixed departure, series through TRAVCRM with complete details including costing .  

We have Excel upload in TRAVCRM, or you may import all your master data files into TRAVCRM. Multiple images features give edge to create beautiful itineraries  and proposal from TRAVCRM.

Hosting–  TRAVCRM is cloud based CRM and TRAVCRM is hosted one of the Asia #1 data centre with good infrastructure which give good experience to users.  Travel companies contact information is protected on our secure server around in encrypted form and only authorized person can access it . We understand that many travel companies can very concerned about their data privacy so we have already considered this critical factor in TRAVCRM. Currently travel companies those are using on premise legacy travel CRM are moving to TRAVCRM due to multiple advantages such as  Drastic Reduction in Operation Cost, Increase in Revenue, Beautiful Itineraries and Professional Formats in No Time,Control Revenue Leakages and Pilferage.

TRAVCRM application is different from other CRM softwares mainly because it especially crafted to make travel company’s functions smoother and a lot more efficient.We understand that Tourism deserves a dedicated CRM specially developed for the Travel Companies to take care of the specific needs of their Foreign Customers, FTOs, Hoteliers, Agent Partners, etc. TRAVCRM is a Comprehensive Travel Management System specifically crafted to automate Inbound Company Operations from beginning to end



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