The Fact About TRAVEL CRM That No One Is Suggesting

Posted on : 22-11-2021

Travel companies habit to direct & promote a variety of tour options in the manner of complete tour packages, hotel booking, flights/train or car rental. A travel CRM makes managing everything easy.

In addition to managing several services including lodging, sighting seeing, train and flight  bookings,  the Best Travel CRM TRAVCMR furthermore assists managing other additional  activities at time of creating packages, itineraries, voucher generation and payments processing, and also tracking the finance payment flow of the organization. It cut down the functioning costs as adeptly as automates sales, marketing, operation and finance processes.

TRAVCRM software is equipped with some salient features including:

Inbuilt Email Integration

Query Module

Quotation & Proposal Builder

Fixed Departure/Series and Package Builder

Agent & Supplier Communication

Organization  hierarchy & User Management

Multiple Dashboards

Voucher and Invoice Generation

Payment management

Multiple Document generation

Email Templates and much more

With technology affecting the regime, more travel companies are opting to cloud based travel CRM to manage their travel business and everyone is looking for best travel crm with mobile applications for their clients, driver, guides, tour managers and senior management.


Here, TRAVCRM  helps:

1. Address increasing number of queries/requests by giving multiple options such as predefined email templates, document management  and direct communication with contacts via inbuilt email integration feature

2. Simplifies organization of tasks where user can create his To Do List. TRAVCRM will send the alerts and notifications so user can take appropriate actions to complete these tasks.

3. User can generate  multiple reports without any difficulty and export to Excel for further analysis.

4. Manage their terms & conditions, payment policies, and other important information through master option.
5. Upload bulk rate sheet of hotel, entrances and transfer  via Excel sheet

How TRAVCRM Impacts travel Business?

On the overall, TRAVCRM is designed to give solutions for travel companies for increasing query flow  and business revenue. Here are some assistance discussed in brief:
For travel Industry: By automating, it reduce the cost of man power as maximum tasks can be done by system. It increase the response time, eliminate the risk of wrong calculation. Professionally generated itinerary, proposal and voucher. This assists in faster enlargement for an travel company  while increasing their profits.

For Customers: It allows customers to enjoy an effectual, fast, and easy booking experience. Travellers can either chose to get physical copy of their bookings or they can opt Mobile application to get real time information of their bookings.

For Suppliers: Suppliers such as hoteliers, transportations and other suppliers can directly get the information via mail so they can easily communicate with their agents


Reduced Cost: Automating of tasks reduces the dependency on human resources which, in turn, helps reduce the cost of operations. From increasing the efficiency of travel companies  to reducing the cost of operations, TRAVCRM helps a business boost sales while putting the travel industry upon a fast-track subsequent to augmented setting of services.


TRAVCRM is not just a tool to manage only your sales cycle, TRAVCRM can help to build a stronger customer relationship and ensure better retention by giving many advance feature on cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere without investing your money to establish your own data centre to run a travel crm. In case  you are still using an on premise travel CRM software or CRM which was developed on obsolete technology, it’s time to implement TRAVCRM to see the difference 

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