The Importance of Lead Conversion in Travel Business

Posted on : 11-11-2021

For any strategic travel business, business & marketing team should be the end goal of all of generating leads through their marketing efforts.  We all know that leads are fuel for any business and the higher quality of leads your business get, the more changes of  conversions you will ultimately achieve. Let’s start with  what is a lead ? A lead is a person, group or a business that may eventually become a customer. In this today’s digital world, getting leads may come easy to you as you can use multiple platforms to generate leads; however convert these leads into business is a whole other ball game. Therefore it is significant to know about how to improve lead conversions for the travel business.

Travel companies  can run the most fertile Ad campaigns, it can be paid or organic  but it will be going to be a waste if the leads didn’t get converted into business opportunities. Lead conversion is quite a difficult task. More than 40% of travel professions said that lead conversion is the biggest challenge they faced and  approx. 25% of travel agents don’t even know about their lead conversion rate as they are not using any tools for data analysis 


Having an interactive website with dynamic CMS for uploading your latest information about our products an offerings and investing in marketing activities are more than enough to show your presence in digital marketing space and grab the attention of potential customers to convert them into leads.

Why is lead generation important to your business?

Lead generation is essential in order to enable your business forecast so  your sales team can build up proper work  pipeline. Although traditionally, sales people were used to  generate their leads for themselves  by cold calling  but today’s digital world, the majority of lead generation activities are done by the marketing team so they can share these leads with sales team to actually sell the product & services.

Ways to generate leads

Now days that lead generation has become a topmost  priority of marketing team. In order to generate leads,  there are a number of options are available, from social media activities , to Email Marketing campaigns and blog posts; all of these platforms  can be used to attract more visitors  to your website where you can capture the details of the potential customers. Some companies are  offering unique products, a freebie or a discount however continual follow-up to every lead, providing amazing  web experience, creating effective calls to action, and follow-ups are quite important. TRAVCRM is a tool specially crafted for travel companies to manage their operation processes.

Ways to Improve Lead Conversion for Travel Business

First 5 seconds are quite important  for a visitor to form an opinion about your travel company and decide whether they will look further or quit from website. Capturing the micro-moments is the best way to engage visitors  so he/she can spend more time on your website which increase the probability to convert the visitors into potential customers and leads. Are you looking for effective ways to convert the leads for your travel business? Well, DeBox Global provider of Best Travel CRM  will help you with the best strategies for effective lead conversion for your business.

Lead conversion is not all about to ensure the visitors pay a visit to your website; it’s all about grabbing the opportunity by providing them required  information in good UI where online chat tools are playing very important role, and converting them into trustworthy customers. With the help of effective business strategies planning  and execution can improve lead conversion, gain more new customers which will resulting into increase business revenues.

Learn to Capture the Right Market

 It is important for travel companies to understand their niche market and capture the right market audience for . In order to do so, the travel companies can use various parameters such as demographics (age, gender, education information, occupation), geographic (location, address, city, state, country). These information can help to target their audience to offer them the relevant information and pitch them to convert into the leads. TRAVCRM will allow the travel companies to get the best out of the travel business.


Establish Communication with the Leads

Leads are new opportunities  for the travel business which means it is important to have instant response with them. Even a delay of one day in revert  can cause the lead to loss of business and there are the chances the lead will directly go to your competitor. If you are contacting with prospect over call or chat, then pitch your product or services clearly and it should be in an easily understandable manner.  Respond all the concerns and queries and ensure the customer got required understanding of everything . TRAVCRM helps travel companies with effective communication, creating To Do List, capturing all information of all lead.


The ultimate goal of any travel company is to generate profits  by effective lead conversion. Travel companies  spend a lot of time and effort creating  leads for their business but facing the challenge to convert  those leads into sales. It is important for every travel company to know the Importance of Lead Conversion in Travel Business and generate great business revenues.


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