Why You Need Travel CRM for your Travel Business

Posted on : 11-01-2022

Travel CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is programming that helps travel organizations, for example, travel planners, visit administrators, objective administration organizations (DMC), movement administrators, companies, and others, in developing great client connections and the deals and maintenance through quality discussions with possibilities and buyers.


What is DeBox Global Trav CRM:

Trav CRM is one of the leading Travel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software for making association Operations easy and smooth. We are a Travel CRM Software Company offering our services across the world and Targeting Mostly premium and big firms.

In simple language DeBox Global Travel CRM system helps manage, monitor and analyses clients and company information for travel, sales, leads, Invoice management, Itinerary Builder etc. and offer smooth customer experiences in less time. It also helps sales teams to managing their workload and sell faster and effectively. A Travel CRM Software is a smarter way of organizing and automating sales activities to boost your sales goals and reach them.

Debox Global Travel CRM can assist with elevating your client changes proportion and develop your business 10x quicker with a strong business view and a weapon of instruments to do as such.

Some features which Trav CRM Provides:

Monthly/Today's Query Summary

Status wise Query Report

Ability to edit / delete existing FTO/Corporate

Ability to Add New B2C Contact

Ability to add multiple type Suppliers e.g Hotelier, Sightseeing and Transporter

Online Tracking of All queries

Auto Email Notification for better monitoring

Quotation Builder

Ability to Create Multi Destination Packages

Description wise Report

Option to upload complete hotel information with rate sheet

Payment Reminder for supplier and clients

Performa & Tax Invoice Generation

Emailer, Templates, Brochures can be stored in repository

User can be lodge any complaint, highlighted by Agent / Client

In the Era of Global Development, the Travel Companies have started utilizing Travel CRM, with the goal that their time is saved and they can oversee strong Customer Infrastructure. One of the most widely recognized errors that many Travel Companies do is that they invest more energy in the Acquisition of new clients than maintenance and reactivation of clients. Be that as it may, the last option has great returns and impacts in the Travel Company Growth and Reputation. Travel CRM depends on the idea that once the client information is caught, it is effectively accessible for the meeting by the Organizations and gets the appropriate joining in the Organizations System, so it very well may be handily alluded. Rather than simply the CRM ,and the benefits the CRM it offers, the Travel CRM should focus on Customers esteem. With Travel CRM , it guarantees simple Development of Customers connections, subsequently empowers, development and notoriety for the Company. The Travel CRM is online web based Application, that can be effectively available by the Travel Companies from anyplace, and any branches.


De Box Global is a leading travel technology company and their awarding winning TRAVCRM is running successfully in more than 8 countries”. Our Debox Global TRAVCRM is one of the best solution for any difficulties related with any problem.

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