CRM: A Winning Approach for Tourism Industry

Posted on : 08-09-2021

From last many years all organizations  were putting focus on increasing their profits without thinking that  get exact customer needs. However in current scenario organizations are facing very tough competition due to this, now they are putting more efforts to survive in this competitive and uncertain market place.These organizations have realised that  to competitive in this world, it is significant to differentiate clients according to their specific preferences. For differentiating clients, organizations are giving personalized service and tailored made products which make premium clients feel special. It not only results in client retention, but also drives their purchases higher by offering extra services to them. As retention cost is very low in comparison to cost of attracting new customers as to acquire new client has it’s long process which need lots of efforts.


Success of any organization depends on various factors including product, service, satisfaction and retains its customers. Organizations have understood that managing Customer relationship is a very crucial  factor for get edge over competitors.  In current digital world, CRM is quite important for multiple reasons. The objective of CRM is to recognize and provide service each and every customer as an individual as per their need and priority. CRM is a tool  in which organization  keep all information on cloud and  have all required information in CRM so they fetch the required information instantly and provide personalised information  to customers at every point of interaction which give confidence to customers as response time is a key component of any business. Earlier organizations were used to keep information of their customers in physical form but now every information is store on CRM so data analysis can be done quickly. Organizations are taking their decisions based on analytic data which is determining  their future business strategy and their potential customers, how to approach them and achieve future profit targets. It includes analysing the current situations, understanding markets and customers, establishing Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning, determining objectives, developing marketing strategies, tracking the activities and implementing the plan. Adopting CRM which includes defining sales team target, centralized data management and  managing customer relationship for the success of the organization. Depending on the organization’s strategic direction and resources, marketers set target for  acquiring new customer, retailing customer, increasing customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, increases their profits through the proper system and the application of customer-focused strategies. These days tourism industry is also going with implementing CRM to automate their process and to retain the customers. Travel  company need more attention to  perceives the needs of its customers, coping up with competition and devise  better means of fulfilling them and establishing a strong customer relationship.


TRAVCRM (An Award-Winning CRM) is a Comprehensive Product which is specifically designed for travel business and running successfully in more than 8 countries. TRAVCRM is designed in such a way that various stakeholders of the travel industry can utilize the functionalities offered by TRAVCRM in an effective and efficient manner. It comprises of various features aimed to address all the requirements of travel agencies.  E.g. Keeping track of the Queries, TAT (response time) and their Conversion Ratio.


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