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Posted on : 25-08-2022

De Box is an IT solutions  is a company that provides progressive end-to-end software development, mobile applications, business portals, web applications, e-commerce development, testing, data, training and consulting solutions by integrating our business domain expertise. In addition, we help with software maintenance, reengineering, offshore services and custom software development. We are a specialized team with years of experience in Travel Website Development and automating travel processes.

TRAVCRM (An Award-Winning CRM) is cloud based product which is specifically designed for travel business and running successfully in more than 8 countries. TRAVCRM is designed in such a way that various stakeholders of the travel industry can utilize the functionalities offered by TRAVCRM in an effective and efficient manner. It comprises of various features aimed to address all the requirements of travel agencies.  E.g. Tracking queries, TAT (response time) and their conversion rate.

We understand that Tourism deserves a dedicated CRM specially developed for the Travel Companies to take care of the specific needs of you need to be able to meet and manage the modern needs of your customers on the go. And this can often get very overwhelming. At the point when your client information is dispersed across Excel sheets and email strings, monitoring requests, proposition, solicitations, appointments and so on turns out to be incredibly troublesome. TRAVCRM is a Comprehensive Travel Management System specifically crafted to automate Destination Management Company Operations from beginning to end. Moreover, post-Covid tourism has become more competitive. To differentiate yourself from the competition, it's important to offer travelers memorable online and offline experiences and keep them coming back for more.


TRAVCRM is a complete solution that helps travel companies to manage their daily activities more efficiently. Post-COVID, a TRAVCRM has become an essential tool to digitize your travel operations, bringing everything onto a single platform including mobile applications for senior management, client, driver and your managers. Stating from capturing enquiries to creating quotation, proposals and operation handling, TRAVCRM can make it easier for you to manage your workflow and provide a great experience to your agents (B2B) and direct customers (B2C).

In other words, TRAVCRM is a essential tool that can not only make your life easier but also increase your revenues.

Key features of TRAVCRM

Multiple Dashboard:

õ        CXO Dashboard: User will able to display complete data by visualization about queries / Sales / Margin / Stages wise query information.
õ        Account Dashboard: It will graphically represent the complete information regarding Account statement e.g. Bills receivable / payable, Supplier wise payment  Overdue payable.
õ   Sales Dashboard: By this function user ability to present analytical information here on User wise / Month wise / Target vs achievement / Sales pipeline / Quer destination.
õ        Operation Dashboard: It helps to know TO DO LIST, Daily activity chat, Driver or Guide information.

Inbuilt Mail Facility:

õ  For Query related communication, user can directly  communicate  with agents, direct, client  and suppliers without using Outlook etc. for sending proposals, vouchers and invoice etc. It will  help you in both quick revert and convenient as you can manage it through single application. You can directly convert any email into query with auto identification with agent and client   name.

Query Management: 

õ    You can define multiple parameter such as number  of pax, room preferences, budget, query preference, TAT and many other key parameters. Also based on query  priority , query can be  assigned to respective operation person. Option to define hotel category, meal type, Vehicle preference, to minimize Quotation creation time.Auto query number generation with directly acknowledgement can be sent to agent or client.

Quotation Builder :

õ   TRAVCRM allow you to create quotation  by adding travel products like Accommodation, Local Transfer, Transfer Package, Activity, Entrance Ticket, Tour Guide, Flight and Train and option to define markup, discount  and currency. You can create quotation by selecting ant templates from template option with option to create duplicate copies of quotation which can be directly sent to agent or client from TRAVCRM. You  can finalize   any quotation which is suggested by  agent or client . Option  to check hotel availability and send reservation request from TRAVCRM

Cost sheet Generation:

õ   TRAVCRM will automatically create detailed cost sheet for you internal references with all components with hotel, monuments, activity and transfer etc.. It will also show cost in local and  selected currency. Its advance feature of export with EXCEL makes is more impactful.

Itinerary Builder :

õ    TRAVCRM allow you to create beautiful itineraries. You can generate itineraries in multiple templates with export of PDF, WORD formats. It has also web based itineraries for your premium  clients. You can generate itinerates in multiple languages.  directly send these itineraries from TRAVCRM. TRAVCRM Assist Mobile Application makes it more convenient and paper less. it’s a robust and  time-saving tool, the single click itinerary  sharing process makes the travel professionals more productive and profitable.

Master Data Management:

 TRAVCRM  provide comprehensive master management  to create master of hotel, Monuments, Activities, Enroutes, Transportation, Guide and many more. It also allow user to upload information of Fleet, Driver, Currency, Pictures and manage rate list with excel sheet upload.

õ        Hotel Master allow user to define hotel information with rate sheet option.

õ        Monument Master allow to user to enter information of Monuments with Entrance Cost.

õ        Activity Master will allow to user enter information of Activity with Activity Cost.

õ        Transportation Master will allow user to define vehicle wise cost.

õ        Operation Restriction allow user to define service wise restriction information so at time of quotation, system will give the alert about restriction

õ        Season Master allow you create season like winter and summer.

õ        TAX Master allow user to create service wise, multiples slabs.


Package Builder

 TRAVCRM  allow travel companies to create packages with complete information including  of Accommodation, Local Transfer, Transfer Package, Activity, Entrance Ticket, Tour Guide, Flight and   Train etc. These packages can be booked directly through query management or these packages can be inserted in quotation builder which increase the productivity  as all required services can be added instantly.

Fixed Departure Management

 TRAVCRM  allow you to create fixed departure trips perfectly. You can now define your fixed departures with start date, end date, maximum booking capacity for passengers and accommodations, and more. In order to create packages with complete information including  of Accommodation, Local Transfer, Transfer Package, Activity, Entrance Ticket, Tour Guide, Flight and   Train etc. These packages can be booked directly through query management or these packages can be inserted in quotation builder which increase the productivity  as all required services can be added instantly

Supplier Communication

 Communicating with suppliers play quite important role to know their inventory availability and post booking communication such as reservation request and much. TRAVCRM allow to directly communicate with multiple supplier. All emails which is sent by supplier will also visible in TRAVCRM.

Pre or Post Travel Extensions

 Many times, there is request from guest to make the travel arrangements before their actual travel dates  and same request can be come for post tour also which is quite complex but from TRAVCRM, you can easily manage these pre or post travel extension. Tour extension give you complete information about these your extensions which can be downloaded in Excel or PDF formats.

To Do List, alerts and notifications Pre or Post Travel Extensions

 You can define your add new tasks for yourself and you can set instructions and deadlines for your team members which will be visible on our dashboard. Alert and Notification sections allow user to define alerts. User can track alerts such as client follow-up, payment follow-up, supplier confirmation follow-up etc.

Finance Management

  TRAVCRM shows 360 degree information  about finance. For every confirmed query, TRAVCRM shows key information about company cost, client cost and markup value. User can schedule agent and supplier payment against each query and see status of all bookings, payment received and tracks outstanding payment. Finance dashboard gives you information about agent/client payment and overdue payment, TAX information, query wise profit report and much more.

Voucher and Invoice Generation

Creating invoices and voucher is easier with TRAVCRM. You cannot only generate the invoices and voucher, but it also tracks the payment against these invoices. You can send these invoices through emails directly from TRAVCRM. Also payment gateway integration helps you to update payment directly into system and payment receipt will be automatically generated by TRAVCRM.

You can generate both supplier and client voucher from TRAVCRM and send directly share with your suppliers and client with predefined email template.  

Reports and Analytics

TRAVCRM has inbuilt with powerful reporting feature which gives you detailed insights about each and every sections of your travel business such as Sales Management, Invoice, supplier Booking, Daily Movement Chart, Driver and Guide Allocation report,  Client Payments, Supplier Payments, User Productivity Reports & much more.

Guest List Creation and Rooming List

You can create guest list with their preferences and it’s allow to upload required supporting document such as passport, address proof, Covid19 Vaccination Certificate etc. you can also create hotel rooming list which can be directly send to hotelier for further arrangements,

Customer Feedback: 

You can send online link  to your client to take their service wise feedback. Auto creation of feedback report will help you to do further analysis to identity your improvement areas.

Multiple Mobile Apps

 Multiple Mobile Apps gives you edge against your competitors.

õ        Client App : user can view his complete itinerary, download voucher, invoice or online feedback against each services and much more.

õ        CXO App :  it will give glimpse of complete business to senior management.

õ        Guide / Driver / Tour Manager App : Driver / Guide / Tour manager can view their complete duty information on their mobile phone.

TRAVCRM helped many travel companies in India and overseas to automate their process from their traditional way of using multiple application such as spread sheet for costing purpose, outlook application for mailing purpose, word document for creating proposal.

We are looking forward for your precious time to schedule online product demonstration for our award winning TRAVCRM.

For any kind of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


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