How Travel CRM helps you plan the perfect Hajj and Umrah?

Posted on : 16-05-2022

In Islam, the Hajj and Umrah are extremely important rituals. That is why a great number of Muslims from all over the world travel to Saudi Arabia's sacred sites of Makkah and Madinah to fulfill their hajj and umrah responsibilities. Hajj is one of the world's largest gatherings, with Muslims of all races, colors, genders, languages, and ethnicities coming from all over the world to fulfill this harrowing requirement. Hajj can only be conducted on specific days of the Islamic calendar, although umrah can be performed at any time.


Hajj and Umrah have become considerably more accessible in recent years, thanks to the development of Travel CRM for hajj and umrah packages. Pilgrims no longer have to worry about their flights, hotels, or transportation during their umrah and hajj, thanks to the emergence of these Travel CRM companies which provide umrah and hajj packages. As a result, these umrah and hajj Travel CRM allow international pilgrims to fulfill their religious commitment in perfect comfort and peace of mind. Companies that offer Travel CRM for umrah and hajj packages take care of airline schedules, ticket bookings, visa processing, lodging, and transportation, among other things, and also provide guides who walk pilgrims through the various ceremonies of umrah and hajj.


This was the introduction to how Travel CRM makes Hajj and Umrah easy for the Pilgrims. Let’s see how our Best Travel CRM Company makes it easier for the agents to plan a perfect Hajj and Umrah.


Travel CRM for Hajj & Umrah Fixed Departure Solution


TRAVCRM Hajj & Umrah is an end-to-end solution program that allows tour and travel businesses to manage all sorts of Fixed Departure Pilgrim Tourism, such as Hajj, Umrah, and Ziyarat Tours. It's a next-generation travel booking platform for travel companies and tour operators that handle flights, hotels, transfers, guides, excursions, and sight-seeing, among other things.

Why Do Hajj And Umrah Pilgrim Tour Agents Require An Online Reservation System?

Our Travel CRM platform makes it easier to handle requests from a large number of pilgrims very smoothly and easily.


Let's see some of the features of Travel CRM that make it very important for Travel Agents:


In just 2 minutes, you can manage your queries and submit a quote with TRAVCRM.

As the groups fill up, keep track of your air and hotel inventory.

Hajis can use their mobile app to get tickets, visas, vouchers, and insurance.

Provide Hajis with a beautiful system-generated itinerary in their preferred language, as well as Hajj and Umrah guidelines and procedures, as well as important duas, via a mobile app.

Hajis can use a mobile app to communicate with their group leader.

Provide Hajis with a Google Maps location of important Ziyats and hotels via a mobile app.

Collect their opinions to improve services and obtain new Hajis' referrals

Hajis should be directed to certain markets and locations for local gift shopping.

Keep in touch with your Hajis even after they've left, and share the latest vacation arrangements with them.


Why Choose Travel CRM Software From TRAVCRM For Hajj & Umrah Package?


TRAVCRM is a travel portal-building business that can assist you in establishing a strong online presence.

With the help of our organization, travel startups who are incompetent to all of the huge travel management businesses can establish their online reservation system with any travel product.

With a strong focus on technology agile approach and transformation, we can offer high-quality deliverables and a quick turnaround to create and implement scalable travel portals and booking engines.

Payment Gateway Integration is done using an online payment gateway, which will be used by the customer to make online payments.

End consumers can search for and book all types of travel content online, as well as make payments. Because of the automated methods and processes, the system can easily handle the majority of fulfillment tasks.

By reducing the time spent on document completion, ticketing, and invoicing, you can focus on adding value to your customers and growing your business.

The efficiency of travel businesses will undoubtedly improve with TRAVCRM. Real-time inventory access will help you build a long-term success narrative by lowering operating costs and increasing revenues, which will surely help you expand your reach for your preferred channels with solutions.

Pilgrimages benefit greatly from the online booking process. During the service, it saves time and effort for travelers and travel agents.




Get your travel business online if you just do one thing today. Everyone is recommending that you get online. Create your B2B/B2C booking engine for yourself and your agencies. The TRAVCRM platform is made up of several components that work together to provide you with a one-stop-shop for travel software and technology, as well as the ability to automate travel business processes and customize them in a variety of ways to fit your company objectives.


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