TOP 8 features of Best Travel CRM Software

Posted on : 06-10-2023

Are you looking to take your travel business to new heights? Want to increase revenue by streamlining customer interactions? Look no further than the top provider of CRM software for the travel industry, DeBox Global, as they provide the best  travel CRM system that supports your business's complex operations. For organizations of all sizes, having a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place is crucial in today's fast-paced environment. CRM software may completely change the way you manage and cultivate your client connections, regardless of how big or small your travel agency is. Let's examine CRM's huge benefits for the travel sector and learn more about it.

What Exactly Is a Travel CRM?

A travel CRM is essentially a kind of software that aims to assist in streamlining all of the everyday tasks that a travel agent must complete.

Travel agencies and other companies in the travel industry utilize specialized software called a customer relationship management (CRM) system. It simply lends you a hand by making it simpler for you to manage your interactions and connections with clients, consumers, and other partners. A solid CRM is stocked with tools that may assist you in overcoming the particular challenges and demands that your travel and tourist firm can have.


Features of Best Travel CRM software

Lead Management :

Every day, travel agencies get inbound client inquiries, or "leads," from a variety of sources. Online chatbots, offline requests through phone calls, online contact forms on business websites.

Travel functionality for lead management These requests are recorded using CRM software, which is then stored and assigned to the appropriate management. By designating managers or service teams to handle particular channels or product categories , it often offers further automation.

Customer management :

Customers of travel agencies can be divided into several groups:

Individual and business travelers, customers from certain regions (Europe, Asia, and North America), VIP clients vs regular customers, etc.

Customers are divided into the above groups using customer management features for more effective management. Additionally, it keeps track of user personal information, travel history, preferences, comments, and a wide range of other crucial elements that help with distribution and sales.

Invoice Generation :

Now, you are able to turn a quotation into an invoice with the permission of the customer. Immediately after they provide their approval, you may create an invoice and update the sales pipeline. Additionally, all of the prior details from the quotation (such as your customer's address, the agreed-upon costs, and available facilities) will be instantly imported into the invoice template.

Quotation Builder :

The generation, transmission, and tracking of travel service offers and quotes issued to travelers are all handled by the quotation management functions of travel CRMs. It specifically gives travel managers the ability to:

*Organize and classify quotations based on a variety of factors, including reference number, destination, status, departure date, and others;

*The gathering and management of passenger data, such as name, special requests, contact information, etc.;

*Add travel items from a variety of sources, such as your own inventory, other vendors, or manually entered data;

*With the designated builder modules, create personalized vacation packages and itineraries;

*In charge of setting up markups, commissions, tax requirements, special offers, discounts, etc. for tour component prices;

*Create quotes, invoices, and vouchers for particular reservations that are professional-looking;

*Apply validity and expiry dates to quotations and notify clients automatically.


Reporting :

The reporting features of travel CRM software are crucial. It enables you to produce in-depth reports on a variety of topics, including booking patterns, customer satisfaction scores, and sales success. You may use these insights to create data-driven decisions that will help your company plans advance and keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Supplier management :

A function called supplier management assists in managing and coordinating your interactions with your suppliers, including the hotel industry, transportation companies, tour operators, and guides. Supplier management may assist you in booking and confirming your services in bulk or on-demand, as well as negotiating and comparing prices, conditions, and availability. You may monitor and assess the performance, quality, and compliance of your suppliers with the use of supplier management, as well as settle any problems or disagreements. For instance, you may track payments and invoices, view real-time inventory and availability updates, and receive alerts and notifications for any alterations or cancellations using supplier management.


Email integration :

All incoming emails are instantly registered and all customer information is saved in one place thanks to email client integration, which enables users to utilize their email clients inside CRM. The most cutting-edge CRM programs let you edit CRM information without ever leaving your email.


Itinerary Builder :

the Itinerary Builder has capabilities for controlling payments and reservations. These tools may be used by travel industry workers to monitor reservations, send invoices, and handle payments. This makes the booking process more efficient and guarantees that all financial transactions are appropriately documented.

Customers can communicate with the itinerary creator in real time. Many systems include built-in message or chat features that let travel industry employees assist customers and respond to inquiries throughout the planning process. This increases consumer pleasure and helps establish confidence.



You may get a complete picture of each customer's journey with a powerful TRAVCRM in place, from their initial inquiry to follow-ups after their trip. You may modify your offers and give unique experiences that entice clients to return for additional adventures by getting to know them better than ever before.


DeBox Global is the top business for CRM software providers. Travel CRM software is a potent tool for efficiently managing client connections in the travel sector. Its automated features provide individualized customer connection while saving time. Businesses are empowered to make decisions based on actionable data thanks to the reporting tools, which provide insightful information on sales success and booking patterns.

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