The Important Role Played by CRM in the Digital Transformation of Travel Sector

Posted on : 14-10-2021

Acceptance and implementation of TRAVCRM is a most adopting marketing trend. It is integrating a series of complex and multiple business resources e.g. : latest technology, information, accounts & financial, data analysis and  human and all other aspects which essential for enhancing consumers and customer services. Service sector is totally depend on selling concept and growing  by adopting CRM Concept. In tourism sector, TRAVCRM is playing an significant role as a strategy for searching, appealing and giving better facilities to the travellers so they can satisfying needs of them to give good experience. The main purpose  of TRAVCRM is to increase the number of travellers and create a good customer experience.We at De Box Global Provide you Best Travel CRM software For tour Travel Business.

Implementation of TRAVCRM application is very demanding and requires commitment at all levels of the  travel company. As TRAVCRM is a cloud based application with good UI and UX so it bridges the gap between the expectation of travel company and existing information systems. Travel companies are investing money in implementing new technologies so that they can enhance their business performances. CRM will be more benefited if it is will be used by entering complete information by respective departments.

From past few decades travel companies were only focusing on making more and more profits without thinking to adopt latest business trends. But in current scenario these companies are facing an aggressive competition specially organizations those are using technology to automate their business processes as a result of which they are putting more efforts to survive in a competitive and uncertain world. They have realised that it is very important to differentiate clients according to their individual preferences.  To achieve it, companies are using personalized service and designed the products which make preferred customers feel special. It not only results in customer retention, feedback, and brand image but also drives purchases higher. As we knows that retention cost is very low in comparison to cost of attracting new customers. Success of any organization depends on the ability to attract, satisfy and retains its customers. This can be achieved by restoring their all preferences into system which develop close and cooperative relationship with clients. Organizations have realized that managing Customer relationships is a very important factor for gaining success in competitive environment. TRAVCRM (An Award-Winning CRM) is a Comprehensive Product which is specifically designed for travel business and running successfully in more than 8 countries. TRAVCRM is designed in such a way that various stakeholders of the travel industry can utilize the functionalities offered by TRAVCRM in an effective and efficient manner. It comprises of various features aimed to address all the requirements of travel agencies e.g Query Management, Quotation & Proposal Builder, Rate sheet Management, Supplier Management, To Do List, complete Invoice and Voucher Management . The main objective of TRAVCRM is to recognize and treat each and every client as an individual. There is no doubt that CRM builds long-lasting relationships with their agents and cleints and increases their profits through the right management system.. Travel industry is also adopting TRAVCRM strategies to retain their agents and clients. As they are facing tough competition within itself. Travel companies perceive the needs of its customers, coping up with competition and devise better means of fulfilling them and establishing a strong customer relationship.


Benefits of implementing TRAVCRM for Travel Companies

•    Better Planning and Execution of business strategy  

•    Improvement in efficiency

•    Reduction in the Manpower cost

•    Improvement in business processes and productivity

·Centralized Data base of all guests, agents and suppliers

·Data Analysis of competition, future business analysis, in exploring new markets.

Benefits of implementing TRAVCRM For Clients

•    Improvement of Customer service.

•    Bridge gap between expected and adequate service

•    Increase in connectivity between company and customer

•    Paperless experience by offering them Mobile Apps

·   Get customized service

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