TRAVCRM (Travel Management System) Can Be Fun For Anyone

Posted on : 08-11-2021

Travel companies are commonly in need of perfect software of automate each function. Traditionally, a travel company would be engaged in various activities besides lead generation, booking with suppliers. Day-to-day operations of any  travel company is usually include scheduling & monitoring, tour programme creation, activities booking, cost negotiation, creating personalized itineraries, and finding the best options within client’s budget. Of course, all of this doesn’t have to be done by paper registers or in Excel spread sheets. There are already specialized cloud based solutions are available in the market. We grouped key features of Travel organization Software which will help you to automate your processes and reduce man power cost.


Features of Travel organization Software:

The software should be cloud based solution, fast  and secure.  The software is keen as competently and flexible to meet evolving issue needs


Why any Travel company should Invest in a Travel organization Software :.

Master Database Management: It helps to manage the complete data of agents, suppliers including hoteliers, transporters, guide and driver etc.  TRAVCRM also store the information of pre- and post-sales, history of interactions, and experience, etc.

Manage Rate sheet of contracted rates: You can easily control your complicated rate sheet of Season wise rates, Norma, Weekend, Special Days and Supplement’s Rates for hotels and you can put vehicle wise rates for transports and also upload guide and porter prices. TRAVCRM give you the flexibility to upload rates through manual entry and upload through excel file. It after that makes the query process and managing help chronicles easier.


Follow-up Management : System has inbuilt notification and alert feature. It allows you to set automated reminders to staff so they can take the appropriate actions on desired dates to avoid any business or reputation loss and send customary & wishes on their birthday and wedding anniversary, supporting gain bump for your business. TRAVCRM allow user to accumulate the required guidance and direct details of concern perspicacity reports.

Manage Package creation Fixed Departure, Series Management and : You can easily manage your standard packages from TRAVCRM. At the time of quotation creation, you can select desired packages which is helping operation person to respond quickly on respective query. You can promote various offers as without difficulty as discounts can increase the probability of sales closure.  You can easily manage your Fixed Departure and Series from TRAVCRM in affective manner. These advance features make unique from other CRMs.


Multilingual Proposal and Quotation Generation :  TRAVCRM offer travel management services to generate quotation and proposals in several different languages.  This allows an agency to cater to a broad range of audiences from various regions and language preferences.


In short, TRAVCRM optimizes the productivity of travel operation staffs and removes difficulties faced by customers even though customer journey. Thus, a travel company  must invest in Best Travel CRM to meet shifting customer demands & priorities and attract more business. From small travel companies to big travel companies, premises-based travel companies  to cloud based solutions and in-person agents to travel software, technology has significantly transformed the day to day operations. TRAVCRM combines a variety of products upon a single platform including email, quotation, proposal, invoice, voucher, and more.


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